Mas Soup Sarap Instant Soup: Easy as 1-2-3


I grew up in a household where soup is a staple part of the meal whenever we are having fried meat or fish. My mom would either cook soup from scratch or resort to instant soup if there's not enough time to prepare. Last month, Mighty and Strong (MAS) Food Corporation sent me their different variants of MasKape 3-in-1 Coffee made from Robusta coffee bean. My husband who is a coffee drinker loved it at first sip. I only drink coffee occasionally so he was the happiest. And then, these arrived...

Three of my favorite flavors: Chicken & Corn, Mushroom, and Seafood. I love anything with corn so I was almost certain I'll declare the Chicken & Corn as my most favorite. After all, I've already eaten 4 bowls of these since they arrived.

A friend of mine told me that she's been buying Mas Soup Sarap in 7-Eleven to have something hot to go with her baon and she likes the Mushroom Soup. So this rainy morning in Antipolo, I chose Mushroom over Chicken & Corn.

Mas Soup Sarap offers the convenience of an instant "just add hot water" compared to other soups that needs to be cooked making this product perfect for those who are on the go or those who need a quick meal.

It is easy to mix. I love that there is no clumping. With the right amount of water, you'd get a creamy soup with a very flavorful taste. 

I always have my soup with Cheese and Onion toasted bread topping to make it more filling especially if I'm having it for breakfast. 

Did you know that you can make a simple fried pork chop gravy using the Mas Soup Sarap Mushroom Instant Soup? Just use half of the required water and then a few drops of seasoning.

Mas Soup Sarap Instant Soup is available in 7-Eleven stores, Ultra Mega, San Roque Supermarket, AFPCES, Waltermart and Robinsons Supermarket nationwide at an affordable SRP of P8.00

Have you tried Mas Soup Sarap Instant Soup? What's your favorite?