Safe Supplements For Teenage Athletes


Although a global trend of using supplements is mostly followed by adults, young people who go in for sports also may pay attention to various additives to increase the performance. On one hand, a developing body is vulnerable to some risks associated with sports nutrition. On the other hand, the lack of certain ingredients in a diet can have a serious impact on the health. For this reason, if you are under 21 and willing to expand your daily ration with nutritious drinks or foods, the best way is to consult a diet specialist. Moreover, it is not necessary to be in pursuit for brands and try to find out whether Shakeology good for you or SlimFast can be effective. The following recommendations do not deal with certain merchandise but with components demandable for the sound development of the body.


A lack of minerals or vitamins is a serious risk for the organism. Despite the abundance of foods on the shelves of supermarkets and retail stores, a small percentage of the population follows a healthy diet rich in essential nutrients. When we talk about young athletes, the demand for vitamins is a prerequisite for a sound functioning and development of the body. Unfortunately, it is a challenge to find a supplement offering a complex of vitamins. As a rule, users have to opt for several solutions and accumulate the set of minerals one by one. Such vitamins A, E, C, as well as nutrients including magnesium, zinc, and calcium are essential for muscular formation.


Athlete and protein are two inseparable notions. Moreover, the first one directly depends on the latter one. Any sports or physical activity foresees an involvement of muscular tissue. Whether you run, jump, ride, lift or perform another physical action, the muscle contraction causes micro ruptures. The so-called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is the result of such load applied to your musculature. Protein acts as a component to restore these ruptures and strengthen your muscular tissue. A proper combination of training and nutrition leads to the increase of power and volume of your muscles.

In this point, the organism of teenagers experiences the same needs as of adults. Hence, pay attention to two types of protein sources.

The first type is the core ingredient of the bulk of protein-based supplements like shakes, meal replacements, powders, gainers etc. It originates from milk and offers a high performance. So, if you see the word “Whey” on the label, be sure to find a good source of the mentioned element.

Casein is the second important type of protein. It differs from the first one by the digestion rate. It is slower. Hence, this type is preferable to consume before sleep and any type of physical activity.


Believe it or not, the vend of supplements is filled with hazardous merchandise. It is more accurate to say that numerous brands contain artificial, hormonal, and synthetic ingredients. Most of them are dangerous for the body of an adult person. Could you imagine what reaction the body of a youngster would experience? On this account, keep aloof from any stimulants, hormonal additives, miscellaneous diet pills (fat burners, hunger reducers), without mentioning steroids and testosterone boosters. Your health is much more important than your appearance.