Help Save Baby Kelsey Alagon



Baby Kelsey has gained her wings on January 12, 2018 while she was confined at the Philippine Heart Center. The family will forever be grateful to those who have extended financial assistance. Please pray for baby Kelsey.


My cousin Katrina Carlos-Alagon and her husband Bryan Alagon are expecting their 3rd baby this December 2017. It is an exciting addition to the family and we are all very happy to welcome the new baby girl. Katrina and Bryan are blessed with two children, Khalil and Keira.

An unexpected trial came to the family when Katrina found out that the new baby has Multiple Congenital Anomalies after undergoing a series of medical tests on one of her regular visits to her OB. The tests revealed that the baby has hypoplastic heart syndrome, underdeveloped lungs, stomach bubble, and cleft lip and cleft palate.

Katrina is advised by her doctor to have an emergency Caesarian procedure to avoid any more complications to the baby’s delicate heart condition. An ambulance will then bring the baby to the Philippine Heart Center to undergo immediate heart operation.

The doctors are positive that the baby will have a chance to live since the Philippines is already equipped with state-of-the-art technology. However, the procedure will cost them P2,000,000 (US$40,000).

Although the couple are both employed, Kat’s mom recently suffered a stroke and Bryan’s mom recently won the fight against the Big C. They are financially struggling right now.

You've helped me before during the fundraising campaign of my nephew Baby Bien's Liver Transplant in 2012 and we are forever grateful. I am knocking on your kind and generous hearts once again as we are faced with another mission to save a baby's life.

If you wish to extend financial help, you can deposit directly to the account of the baby's mom

Account Name: Katrina Mae Carlos
Bank: BPI Savings Account 2486131569

You can also send your donation through my PayPal account 

Please indicate in the PayPal note that it's for "Baby Kelsey Alagon Fundraising". Thank you very much.