SM City Taytay Food Crawl


I live in Antipolo but Taytay is a place close to my heart. I occasionally visit Taytay. I have relatives who live within walking distance to SM City Taytay. I must admit that I envy them because there are so many food choices. I made the most of my visit to SM City Taytay last Friday and had a satisfying foodie experience at Spicy Elements, Jin-Zai Takoyaki, and Big Daddy's Burger & Wings.

Spicy Elements

I will always love Filipino cuisine. It reminds me of warm, fond memories of home-cooked meals and family gatherings. Spicy Elements has a menu consists of a Sisig Collection and Bicolano Collection. I was raving about the food I had for lunch at Spicy Elements in my FB group chat with my relatives in Taytay and I'm glad one of them frequents the restaurant. But he goes there with his barkada for the pulutan. Since I was there for lunch, I was served these:

Grilled Prawn Caesar Salad

The salad can be a healthy complete meal already. You've got your fresh greens, less sinful bacon (because of the veggies hahaha!!!) and a dose of B12 from the prawns.

Paella Negra

I love paella but never tried paella negra because I'm a bit concerned about the stench smell and taste. Spicy Elements Paella Negra was really good. No unpleasant malansa taste.

Boneless Crispy Pata

Crispy pata is a must-order when you dine in a Filipino restaurant. The meat of the crispy pata was lean. There's not much fat between the meat and the skin. The skin was not as crispy as I have expected it to be though. But the meat is tendered and savory so it's still okay for me.  

Signature Ribs

Spicy Elements' Signature Ribs Solo is served with your choice of rice or mashed potato plus one side dish. A great deal for only 205 pesos. 

Four Cheese and Mango Pizza

When we were told that we will be served Four Cheese and Mango Pizza, I thought it's an odd combination. But when I tasted it, I want to order one for take home. This gave me a foodgasm. If you want to make me happy when you visit me at home (Hello Jobel, Luigi, LA) please bring me this!

Spicy Elements is located at the ground floor of the SM BPO Building. For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 727-3099.

Jin-Zai Takoyaki

Takoyaki balls became a popular snack by Filipinos a few years ago but I have been eating takoyaki balls way back 1986 when I was still studying at Yamaha School of Music in Cubao. Tako means octopus while yaki is the method of cooking in Japanese cuisine. 

I don't eat much whenever I am on a food crawl but I lost my control at Jin-Zai Takoyaki. Well, If you don't know how much I love takoyaki I usually buy 6 pieces for take out.

Jin-Zai has an open kitchen setup so you could see how the takoyaki are cooked. Watching him cook different variants made me salivate. 

If this is a marshmallow test, I will definitely fail. Big Tako, Tako Bomb, Nobashi Shrimp, Miso Kani and Corn, Tako Dog. I could go on and on. I think they have 20 variants of takoyaki. 

And never had I thought I could eat takoyaki with rice. This meal is so filling. I like it with the corn kernels.

Donburi Katsudon is freshly fried Pork katsu cooked in sweet savory broth with egg and topped on steamed rice. This is spicy and I like it.

If I were to choose, I prefer the Oyakodon over the Katsudon. They are both delicious but I'm more of a chicken eater. 

Jin-Zai serves fruit teas and milk teas. The one in the middle is the Sakura White Milk Tea and on the left is the Three Berries Tea. I wasn't able to taste the other three teas. 

Jin-Zai Takoyaki is located at the ground floor of SM City Taytay.

Big Daddy's Burger & Wings

I always believe that restaurants serving American cuisine cater mostly to men with big appetite. Big Daddy's Burger & Wings have big servings but the price is super affordable. 

Nacho Bravo

The Nacho Bravo is good for sharing if you are having this for appetizer. I can finish this one off alone though :)

Double Cheeseburger

My husband will definitely love Big Daddy's double patty with cheddar cheese and cheese sauce, caramelized onion, lettuce and tomato. 


I'm into white sauce lately. I always order carbonara when I dine out because I don't know how to cook white sauce pasta. Big Daddy's Carbonara is A-Okay!!

Seafood Penne

If you like seafood on your pasta (which I don't) then Seafood Penne is for you. I wasn't able (did not attempt) to taste this because I'm allergic to seafood. Poor me.

Buffalo Wings

Another great appetizer (but I eat this with rice) is Big Daddy's Buffalo Wings. It comes in 7 flavors: original, mild or hot, sweet and spicy, parmesan cheese, smoked bbq, salted egg, and orange teriyaki

T-Bone Steak

How do you like your steak? I want it medium well and smothered with gravy. Big Daddy has good quality, off the grill steaks perfectly cooked to your preference. 

If you are an any time breakfast eater, they also serve All-Day Breakfast. I wanna try the Angus Tapa the next time I dine here.

Big Daddy's Burger & Wings is located at the ground floor of SM City Taytay near the entrance door.

Is there any restaurant in SM City Taytay that you can recommend for me to try? Do drop your comments below. You can also follow my food instagram and FB Page