Pia Wurtzbach Newest Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl


2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is Ginebra San Miguel’s 2019 Calendar Girl, the perfect woman to mark the iconic brand’s anniversary. Just as Pia overcame all challenges to claim the title of the most beautiful woman in the universe, Ginebra San Miguel also prevailed against all odds to become the oldest and one of the most respected consumer liquor brands in the market today.

World-class quality, excellence, and popularity—these are just a few of the many qualities that Pia Wurtzbach shares with Ginebra San Miguel, making her a fitting choice to be the 2019 Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl. 

It’s no secret that Pia is an unabashedly determined woman who has hurdled several obstacles, including joining Binibini Pilipinas three times, before eventually winning the title of Miss Universe. As only the third Filipina to do so in the prestigious pageant’s almost 70-year history, the drive and grit that she showed as she pursued her goal endeared her in the hearts of many, especially her countrymen, who, aside from relating to her struggles, were given another reason to be proud to be Filipino. 

With her determination to achieve her goals, no matter how difficult; her courage to face challenges and struggles that threaten to surmount her; her dedication and motivation to provide for her family; and her advocacy for HIV/AIDS awareness and women empowerment—Pia has proven time and time again that she is a Filipina. Strong. Ginebra ako. 

A long-standing tradition of beauty, confidence, and strength 

Representing the iconic Philippine brand as the Ginebra San Miguel 2019 Calendar Girl, Pia joins the ranks of beautiful, confident, and strong-willed women who have also graced the pages of the calendar. “It’s an honor for me, especially since the 2019 calendar also commemorates Ginebra’s 185th anniversary,” she says. “This is an experience I won’t forget since this is the first time I’ve done a swimsuit photo shoot since competing at the Miss Universe pageant.” 

Appearing on the pages of the calendar together with Pia are Ginebra San Miguel’s iconic products—the original and iconic Ginebra San Miguel, Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin, G.S.M. Blue Flavors, G.S.M. Blue Light Gin, the Monde Selection International Institute for Quality Selections Silver Quality Label Awardees Primera Light Brandy and Vino Kulafu, Antonov Vodka, AƱejo Gold Medium Rum, and Don Enrique Mixkila. 

A symbol of the Filipino 

Recognized the world over for her charm, enthusiasm, and her unrelenting pursuit of excellence, Pia shares the same values that have made Ginebra San Miguel a world-class quality Filipino product. And in the same way that she represented the Philippines to the world, Ginebra San Miguel remains a symbol of the Filipino and of a solid heritage marked by 185 years of superior quality and excellence. 

“I’m proud to be a part of the Ginebra San Miguel family,” Pia says without hesitation. “I’m even prouder to represent an iconic Filipino brand that’s trusted and recognized all over the world. We both have the never-say-die spirit—we’re not going to give up until we’ve made all of our dreams come true.” 

Fierce. Courageous. Exceptional. Both possessing these qualities, Pia Wurtzbach and Ginebra San Miguel continue to inspire Filipinos to fight for success, excellence, and superior quality. To never give up on their dreams and to be resilient amidst life’s challenges. Dahil Pilipino ako. Matapang ako. Ginebra ako.