How to Choose the Right Foundation for your Skin Type

Foundation is one of the most important makeup products you need when creating a makeup look. This will help you achieve your desired finish. You have to be careful in selecting the right foundation based on your skin type. In this article, we will explain what foundation you need for your skin type. 


Most of normal skin type has a radiant complexion, few imperfections, and barely visible pores. In other words, the skin is almost perfect. For this type of skin, even the simplest kind of foundation is good enough. Girl, you're blessed! 


More visible lines, almost invisible pores, dull or rough complexion or red patches are some of the characteristics of a dry skin. Dry skin can sometimes be itchy or cracked. For this type of skin, hydrating or moisturizing foundation is your best friend. Also, you're recommended to use a moisturizer before applying a foundation. Stay away from matte foundation because it will only accentuate your dry skin. 


Filipinos are mostly oily skin because of the humid weather in our country. Some says we better be thankful if we have oily skin, because our skin aged slowly. But most of oily skin people have enlarged pores, and more prone to blackheads and pimples. For this skin type, matte foundation is the best for you. Oily skin girls are recommended to use a primer to fill in the pores and help your skin to produce oil slowly. If you want to make sure that your base will stay in place for a long time, you can use the baking method or use setting spray. 


When your T-zone (forehead,chin and nose) area is oily and other parts of your face are dry or normal, you  have a combination skin. For this skin type, you can still use a matte foundation but you still need to bake your T-zone and put a little amount of foundation to other areas and dust it with a little powder so the foundation will not move. 


Irritation is the one of signs of a sensitive skin. Some foundations will not work for you because of its ingredients. For girls with sensitive skin, it is advisable to use mineral foundation. Foundations with skincare benefits will help improve the texture of the skin. Just remember that when you experience itchiness and breakouts, immediately stop using the product. 

Do not buy a product just because it is popular. Keep in mind that you must always consider your skin type when choosing the right foundation.