I am a soda drinker. It makes my meal more appetizing. I alternately drink the two popular brand in the Philippines. Last November, I attended an event and one of the booths is Sinalco. I first saw Sinalco in Singapore but didn't bother to buy because it's a brand I am not aware of. 

Sinalco is a brand from Germany which was launched in 1905. It is Europe's oldest soda brand and the first non-alcoholic international beverage from that part of the world.

Sinalco is finally here for the Filipinos to enjoy. There are two variants available: Sinalco Cola and Sinalco Special. Both are sold in 330ml cans. a is the first cola drink that is produced in Europe. 

I was offered a cup of Sinalco Cola to try. I love the taste and how smoothly it glides through my throat. Kung baga sa alak, swabe ang Sinalco Cola sa lalamunan. I don't feel bloated too after finishing the 330ml. 

What got me curious is the Sinalco Special. I was also offered to try this variant and for a cola lover like me, I must say the Sinalco Special is an interesting discovery for me. It's a combination of four different fruits. It has an orangey-red color but I could not really determine the fruits. I found out that the fruits are lemon, orange, raspberry and strawberry. The taste of each fruit complement each other and blend perfectly. I honestly love the flavor of Sinalco Special.

Will Sinalco appeal to the taste buds of Filipinos? Definitely! Try both flavors and let me know which one you like.

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