Why Choose The Eyebrowdery Newport City For Permanent Make-up Services


Do you always dream of achieving a perfect eyebrows? 

I was not blessed with a beautifully pleasing eyebrows. I tried fixing it on my own but I always end up conscious that people are staring on my brows because they are either uneven or they look so fake.  I'm certain you've been seeing a lot of #KilayGoals and #KilayIsLife posts on your social media feed. It's not because girls are vain. The eyebrows are indeed an important facial feature. Aside from framing your eyes, it can alter the shape of your face. The thickness of your brows can also make you look younger or older.

I was staying at condominium in Newport City last weekend and I saw The Eyebrowdery across the street. This is the newest branch of  the famous Eyebrowdery in Greenhills. Residents of Newport City and those who are attending events at Resorts World Manila need not go elsewhere to have their permanent make-up done.

Located at the ground level of 101 Newport Boulevard condominium near Savoy Hotel, The Eyebrowdery Newport City offers the most innovative way of giving you a "waking up with a make-up" look. 

The Eyebrowdery Newport City branch has a vibrant, cheerful vibe that instantly makes you feel good and comfortable. The staff went through professional training and adheres to international standards.

They boast of using products that are from natural plant extracts making it very organic and eco-friendly. While they guarantee that the products are 100% safe, they run a health screening before any procedure is done.

Services offered:
  • Embroidery services (eyebrows, eyeliner, lip tint, etc)
  • Skin services such as Micro Needling Therapy System (MTS or Vampire Facial)
  • Eyebrows and Lash Tinting and Lift
  • Threading
  • Vitamin Drips and Gluta Drips
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Whitening
  • Contouring and Fat Suction System

The Eyebrowdery Newport City branch will open on February 16, 2019. Visit on the grand opening day to avail of the 20% discount on all services offered. All you have to do is drop by, pay for the service of choice and schedule an appointment.

For more information, follow The Eyebrowdery on Facebook, @eyebrowdery on Instagram and visit the website www.eyebrowdery.com