What Makes a Successful Woman?


What does success means to you?

When I was young, I never played with doll house and the usual toys young girls play. I would always make pretend that I was an office girl signing papers, answering important phone calls and making decisions. For me, success means being a girl boss in the corporate world when I grow up.

I was 27 when I reached the peak of my career. My planner was filled with endless meetings. I had a decent paying job. I don't need to punch a time card. So I thought this is how it feels to be successful.

But I felt empty. While some women were envious of what I have, I was in search of what was missing. I contemplated and decided to leave my job. I realized that success is not all about my achievements in my professional life.

What makes a successful woman?

What Makes a Successful Woman

She has a life outside work.

A successful woman knows that her world does not revolve around her work. She knows how to relax and to have fun. She knows that work does not come first all the time. She spends quality time with her family and enjoys a crazy, lazy night with friends. 

What Makes a Successful Woman

She takes care of herself.

She doesn't feel guilty when she makes time for herself. She treats herself to a well-deserved pampering at the spa or even just a simple long, relaxing bath at home. She knows that a healthy mind will make her more positive and productive.

She loves her body. She eats healthy but doesn't deprive herself of dessert or a bag of chips. She need not go to the gym because everybody does but knows how to stay physically fit. 

What Makes a Successful Woman

She doesn't stop learning.

A successful woman knows that there is always something new to learn. She reads, does research, and look for answers. She acknowledges that other people's opinion will not always conform with hers. She understands that she needs help from those who knows better.

What Makes a Successful Woman

She is financially literate.

A successful woman knows how to manage her finances. She knows her needs and wants and does not make financial decisions based on emotion. She can keep track of her expenses, knows when to splurge and sets financial goals.

What Makes a Successful Woman

She empowers other people.

A successful woman empowers other people. She doesn't hold back other people from being the best version of themselves. Instead, she helps them uncover their potential and motivates them to strive harder. 

A successful woman is selfless. She gives without expecting something in return. She shares information and knowledge. She gives people the opportunity to grow.