Guilt-free dessert from UK


Dessert has never been so guilt-free I can even have it twice a day without worrying about calorie count and sugar rush. I'm talking about Perfume Dessert London. It's an eau de parfum brand from London that girls so love because of the delicious sweet scents. 

What is eau de parfum?

Eau de parfum contains fragrant oils concentration that is lower than perfume but higher than eau de toilette. The scent is around 20-30%. It can last around four to eight hours and generally less expensive than a perfume.

Perfume Dessert London comes in a crimped  30 ml bottle which means it's leak proof and will not diffuse thus ensuring you are receiving it in best quality condition.

Perfume Dessert London has an elegant packaging making it a perfect gift for your loved ones and your besties. The tube is so beautiful you need not gift wrap it. Just put a ribbon and a tag and I'm sure whoever receives it will be delighted.

I have the Cucumber Melon Cooler, Cake Pops, and Raspberry Smoothie. For someone like me who's into perfume with sweet scents, it's very difficult to choose a favorite scent. I can alternately use them depending on my mood. But if I really, really have to choose one I'll choose the Cake Pops. It's suitable for an every day perfume. I find Raspberry Smoothie a "date night" perfume while the Cucumber Melon Cooler great to wear when spending a chill weekend with friends.

Where to buy?

Make sure you are buying the authentic Perfume Dessert London

You can check the authenticity by looking at the first 3 digits of the bar code.  The bar code indicate sthe country where the company is based, or where the manufacturing company is headquartered. Perfume Dessert London's first 3 digit is 506. U.K's bar code is from 500-509.

Perfume Dessert London retails for only 250 Pesos. Who would have thought smelling (yummy) good is so affordable?

Store Location:

2nd Floor, POS Building
Scout MandriƱan Street Corner Tomas Morato
South Triangle, Quezon City