Need money now? Salary ADVANCE flexible credit on-demand gets you approved in minutes


Did you know that 80% of Filipino employees live from paycheck to paycheck?

I was once a part of the employed sector and I understand how difficult it is to make ends meet. #PetsaDePeligro has become a common hashtag on social media. A day before the salary gets credited is the longest wait of our life.

Hard money lenders grant loans secured by real property and requires the services of an independent appraiser. This is advisable if you need a large amount of money. If you wish to borrow without going through the traditional lenders, you can find private money loans in California offering such services.

What is the quickest way to get money when you urgently need it?

Credit card cash advance? Pawning your jewelry? Loaning money from family and friends? 

What if it's possible to get your salary in advance and repay it on flexible terms?

ADVANCE is the country's only online platform providing flexible credit on-demand that allows employees to have an access to their salary and get funds instantly when faced with a sudden need for cash.

“Expenses often come at the most inopportune times or the so-called ‘petsa de peligro’. Advance is solving this problem by allowing employees to access their salaries on-demand, which is critical especially when faced with a sudden, unexpected need for cash,” said Jaime de los Angeles, ADVANCE CEO and Co-founder. He explained that Advance is a flexible credit platform available 24/7, specifically designed so that individuals have ready access to funds that’s essentially theirs. “We know that life doesn’t conveniently revolve around payday, so we wanted to empower employees by giving them the ability to unlock their wages, anytime.”

How does ADVANCE works?

ADVANCE partners with the companies to act as a lending facility. There are employers who do not provide in-house salary loan programs for their employees while bank loans and other salary loan programs take days to process.  What set ADVANCE apart from other lenders is the capacity to give you a salary loan ON-DEMAND. Everything can be done online and in as quick as a few minutes, you'll get your salary loan transferred to your payroll bank account.

Available 24/7, you can request for as low as P1,000 and up to 50% of your current salary. You can choose to repay in 15 days or in 4 equal installments. There is also no interest charged. You will only need to pay for the small processing fee which is added to the repayment amount.

Advance is also a member of the Fintech Philippines Association, making them one of the many tech firms participating in the FPh ecosystem, but one who is approaching financial inclusion and credit in a truly unique way.

“We are very proud to partner with a one-of-a-kind platform like Advance. I do believe that this is an opportunity for many employees to have more access to financial security than ever before.” FPh Executive Director Amor Maclang said.

The Fintech Philippines Association is the largest and most inclusive association in the Philippines that promotes digital entrepreneurship.

Companies interested to partner with Advance may visit to provide this innovative financial service to their employees.