ePLDT launches full-spectrum Managed IT Services


Industry-leading enabler of digital solutions ePLDT Inc. introduces its newest ICT offering, Managed IT Services, to help mitigate potential sources of system downtime in the modern business world and allow enterprises to shift their time and focus on core operations and critical business imperatives.

In the PLDT Enterprise’s Connected Survey Report, it was ascertained that almost 90% of companies in the Philippines had experienced incidents of system downtime within the last 18 months. About 43% of hardware failures stemmed from mechanical or internal failure, while 36% were due to lack of IT infrastructure maintenance.

The sophistication of today’s enterprise IT infrastructure can intrinsically subject itself to potential system failure over time, which could significantly impair day-to-day business operations. Moreover, these downtime incidents belabor enterprises to spend more time in maintaining and managing its IT equipment and systems that hinder them to pursue critical business innovations and derive higher customer value and satisfaction.

“There is factual basis that no enterprise is exempt from risks of potential system downtime. This is what compelled us to establish our own Managed IT Services portfolio, which is hardened by the most advanced platforms and on-ground expertise as well as the group’s experience in critical infrastructure operations,” said Nerisse Ramos, ePLDT Group’s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Comprised of three core service categories—Managed Operations Center-as-a-Service (MOCaaS), Professional Services, and Managed IT Platforms—ePLDT’s holistic Managed IT Services aim to simplify and solve the complex challenges of enterprises in managing and operating their IT infrastructure.

“ePLDT’s holistic Managed IT Services seek to help mitigate downtime and ensure business continuity for all organizations in the country through an all-inclusive ecosystem complemented by the input of our highly skilled subject matter experts,” said ePLDT Group Head of Business Services, Solutions Consulting & Bid Management Ronald De Guzman.

The group offers Managed Operations Center-as-a-Service (MOCaaS) wherein ePLDT provides enterprises with state-of-the-art technologies and skilled resources to deliver critical IT support on a subscription basis. Offered under this category are Proactive Monitoring and Managed Infrastructure services that cover the upkeep of the overall health and performance of enterprise IT infrastructure to avert system downtime.

Moreover, ePLDT renders assistance to enterprises in adopting the latest available IT platforms and technologies which can provide greater support to their core businesses. Through this key capability, ePLDT makes the adoption of technology easier as these IT platforms are available through an outright purchase or lease model.

ePLDT also provides a wide range of IT Professional Services namely, IT Infrastructure Consulting, Data Privacy Consulting, Data Science Consulting, Systems Integration, and Application Development, to assist enterprises in the various life stages and the different levels of management, maintenance, development, and support of their network systems.

All these services are powered by ePLDT’s Managed Operations Center (MOC), the group’s command center which utilizes the latest tools and global standard processes in IT Service Management, used for monitoring utilization, capacity, and performance of all enrolled IT elements of their clients.

“We at ePLDT and PLDT Enterprise recognize the impact downtime has on the operations of our customers. Through our Managed IT Services portfolio, it is our aim to provide enterprises with the resources that will allow them to focus on their core business,” said Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT Group President & CEO and SVP & Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups.

Managed IT Services is the newest addition to ePLDT’s existing suite of ICT solutions that are up to par with global standards which include purpose-built Data Centers, Cloud, and Cyber Security.

To learn more about ePLDT’s Managed IT Services, visithttps://www.epldt.com. Leave IT to us. Let IT Be ePLDT.