Jeremy Tankard: Telling Stories with Pictures


Is your child into reading books?

Our dear 3-year old Choiba  loves books. He can't read yet so he looks forward to "reading time".  When a set of Jeremy Tankard's picture books arrived, he got so excited and can't seem to decide which book to choose.

Jeremy Tankard was not really a writer. He spent many years drawing pictures and one day he decided to add words to his arts. He was in the Philippines last August 4 to attend the Philippine Readers and Writers Festival 2019 held at Raffles Hotel in Makati.

Jeremy's picture books published by Scholastic are Grumpy Bird, Boo Hoo Bird, Sleepy Bird, and Hungry Bird. They are hilarious and Choiba prefers looking on the illustrations more than watching on his iPad. They appeal to  kids and grown-ups like me. The drawings even encourages my toddler nephew to take part in the storytelling. 

Oh, Choi is like Boo Hoo Bird!  (PS. He's not hurt.)

The unique art style is definitely easily recognizable as Jeremy Tankard art. The images are so convincing that kids can really relate to the emotions of the characters. 

Jeremy Tankard was nominated Outstanding Children's Book Illustration for Grumpy Bird. 

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