Chan Lim Family of Artists Hold Autumn Moon Festival 2019 Exhibit at The Podium


The Chan Lim Family of Artists is holding an Autumn Moon Festival 2019 Exhibit at The Podium with 340 hand-painted taels and plates created by 46 artists on display from September 22 to October 6, 2019 at Atrium 2.

Since 2011, the Chan Lims have 39 exhibits in SM Supermalls throughout the country. Free painting workshops are also offered during the exhibits and more than 7,200 people have participated. I have joined two workshops and somehow I feel my Chinese brush painting has improved. 

My bamboo Chinese brush painting at The Podium exhibit workshop

The Chan Lim artists are best known for their Asian-themed art and Chinese brush painting.  Over the past five decades, the family have used a wide variety of media, styles, and techniques to create a fusion of Western and Eastern art. The younger generation of the Chan Lim family are into a more modern technique such as digital media and audio-visual creations.

The art of the Chan Lim family has a certain characteristic that distinguishes their work from others. Their artworks are distinctively Asians, with allusions of Western techniques. Over the years, the Chan Lims have continuously blazed the trail on the type of media used for the Chinese brush.

Their art subjects include flora, fauna, insects, landscapes, and portraits painted on media such as lantern, Chinese fan, porcelain plate, ceramic taels, and rice paper.

The Chan Lims offer Chinese painting classes in their family studio located in Pasig City. You can reach them inquiry at You can also view their artworks at