Macao Imperial Tea SM City Masinag: Perfect for milk tea and instagram lovers


The famous milk tea from Macao has finally found its way in SM Masinag and I've got more than enough reasons to be happy. Macao Imperial Tea opened its first branch in the Philippines in 2017. With the millennials (and Titas like me) craze for milk tea, Macao Imperial Tea stands out from the other milk tea shops.

I've been to different branches but I fell in love the most with Macao Imperial Tea in SM City Masinag. The ambiance is cozy and although I deliberately avoid using the word "instagrammable" when describing a place, I can't find a better word to substitute.

I've actually found a favorite spot to enjoy the Cream Cheese Milk Tea. I bet this spot will be never be available unless I arrive very early! Perfect for couples drinking the For Me and For You.

There is definitely a drink that will suit your mood for the day with the wide array of hand-crafted hot and cold drinks to choose from the menu. There is really something for everyone. 

Macao Imperial Milk Tea is famous for its Chestnut Cream and Cream Cheese variant which I haven't tried yet (don't judge me!) because my go to drink is the Triple Chocolate Strawberry.

My friends know that I am not really a milk tea fanatic. I'm a soda drinker. My Macao Imperial Tea drink of choice is the Over the Rainbow soda. I'm drawn to anything appealing to the eyes. The soda series is as deliciously refreshing as it look. 

On ordinary days when I'm on the go and want to make sure I'm hydrated, the Lemon Fizz soda makes the traffic bearable.

Visit the Macao Imperial Tea at the lower ground floor level of SM City Masinag.  This branch is the coolest place to bond with the family and hang out with friends.