What Does Your Car Say About You?


You might not think that much about your car - or maybe you think about your car too much! - but have you ever wondered what your car might say about you? For professionals looking to make a good impression from the off, the car you arrive in can say a lot. 

So, what should you be thinking about? And what should you look for in your next car to make sure that you are making the right impression?

The Professional Car

If you want to improve customer relationships with your business, getting to see them in person is very important. This is why you must make sure that your car is comfortable to drive frequently and over long distances. This is  the first consideration because if you are showing up to meetings with a bad back or discomfort, you probably won’t be able to cut a good deal. 

However, you should also think about the make of car you choose. In general, showing off a new car will look better. People like to work with professionals who display some affluence because that indicates that they are successful. With this in mind, you should look at tyre and wheel packages  to upgrade your current ride and make it even more spectacular. 

Color and Accessories

Creative souls like to show off their creativity in as many different ways as possible. This is why it is so exciting to buy a brightly colored car. You can even choose custom colors and paint jobs to get the finish that really speaks to you. From flames to coolly mirrored colors, there is a lot to choose from! Of course, the paint job you choose will tell people a lot about you. A bright pink car with fluffy dice hanging from the rearview mirror is synonymous with a girly personality. On the other hand, those cool-looking flames might make people assume that you are, to put it nicely, a hazard on the road and best avoided! 

The accessories you put in your car will also say a lot. A custom interior can show that you have thought carefully about the experience of driving. Having a charm dangling from your mirror might suggest a little whimsy in your character. 

Clean Inside and Out

One of the biggest indicators of personality is how clean your car is. A washed and hoovered car that still has a fresh car scent is always desirable for a company car and you may even be given a weekly budget for having your car cleaned. That said, cleaning your car at home is quite easy once you are in the rhythm of doing it properly. 

A family car is probably the most difficult to keep clean but leave toys in the backseat at your peril! Kids are nightmares for leaving their toys around but heavy toys can be a real danger - especially if you have to do an emergency stop. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep a box of toys for travel in the boot that they can choose from at the start of the journey and then put back when you arrive.