3 Ways to Make Money From The Comfort of Your Own Home


Looking to create new streams of income without leaving the house? Maybe you want to give up the rat race and work entirely from home, or perhaps you want to come up with backup sources of money either to pay debts, save or just give yourself more security. There are lots of options this day in age, here are three to get you started. 

Create content

Creating interesting content for others is a fantastic way to make money online, and there are several ways you can do this. You could start a blog and share interesting, witty or informative articles. You could start a Youtube channel where you talk about your passions, or you could create an Instagram account and post beautiful photos (it could be anything from travel to your home to fashion) to inspire others. People are fascinated with other people, and the online world gives us a look into other people's lives. You can take advantage of this as a content creator and share what others find interesting. It might sound mundane, but you’d be really surprised at just how many people want to read about your life on a blog, who want to follow your weight loss journey on Youtube or see your travel snaps on Instagram. Build a brand around yourself, and follow other creators to see how they have successfully gone about this. 

Start up your own home business

Running a home business is a great way to earn money flexibly if you do it surrounding something you love then it won’t even feel like work. You could monetise a hobby such as selling crafts you’ve made on Etsy, or cakes you’ve baked by creating a home baking business. You could start an eCommerce shop or have a web development company set you up a site where you can sell items for a profit that you’ve bought wholesale. It’s something you can easily do around other commitments such as having children or even around a full time job. If you’re successful, you could even go full-time with it. 


If you want to make money from your skills in a flexible way, freelancing is the way to go. Unlike starting your own business, there's no risk involved as you don’t need to pay money for a website, marketing, stock or anything else. You can sign up to a freelancing site and get to work on it right away without having to invest any money. Take on the jobs you want, as and when they come in and you can earn cash in the evenings or in your spare time just say at your laptop. Freelance work can be anything from writing articles to designing apps or logos for businesses, there’s a wide range of jobs to suit all kinds of skills.