LG provides free airconditioner cleaning services to Taal residents


As everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief with the downgrading of the Alert Level of Taal Volcano, the community in the immediate vicinity is left to pick up the pieces. Those affected by the volcano’s phreatic eruption have begun to slowly ease back to their homes. It was not an easy task as most of ground zero is still blanketed in volcanic ash – roads, houses, cars, everything. Air-conditioners in particular, needed the most care given the circumstances. 

Window-type and outdoor units covered in volcanic ash must be cleaned properly to ensure that the silicates and other particles from the ash don’t get inside your home. To help the residents of nearby communities, #TeamLG offered free air-con cleaning services so that they have one less thing to worry about. Every ounce of help goes a long way. Residents of the afflicted communities just contacted an LG representative to avail of the free cleaning service. Families with children, seniors, pregnant women, and PWDs were given priority, but all eligible requests were immediately taken cared of.

LG’s Managing Director, Inkwun Heo, said “It’s the least we can do. They’ve been through so much the past two months. We at LG stand by our commitment to the Filipino people. We’re here every step of the way to do what we can in helping the people of Taal rebuild their lives”.