Smart Home Simplicity with LG


A few months into the new decade, the ideal of simplifying, decluttering, and leading a minimalist lifestyle is still on everybody’s mind. While Marie Kondo’s 15 minutes in the limelight might have passed, her lessons of honing in on things that “spark joy” is still one that resonates. 

One of the roadblocks in trying to live a clutter-free, minimalist life are home appliances that don’t interact with each other. We’ve grown accustomed to the idea that we need to live with electronics that work independently with each other – each with its own remote control, its own manual, and its own app even, which contributes to a clutter-filled home. But as we move towards the future, technology has caught up and we’re now given an opportunity to simplify through advances in multifunctionality, efficient design, and artificial intelligence.

Korean tech giant LG has over the years, been slowly integrating artificial intelligence and deep learning in their home appliances and electronics through their innovative Smart ThinQ technology, paving the way to a true smart home. Through the use of LG’s Smart ThinQ App, the goal is you’ll need less time doing household chores and gain more time to spend with your family.

The biggest difference between LG’s ThinQ technology over other electronics with artificial intelligence is its deep learning and the ability to control everything with just one device. Learning from and building on user behavior, deep learning spells the difference between telling your washing machine to start a load versus it telling you how to save with a shorter cycle time.

LG’s Smart ThinQ App ensures that you get more done with more help and less effort. It has a simple and easy to use interface that allows you to control your home from anywhere through multifunctional connectivity. Instantly monitor the status of your appliances with the LG ThinQ App. No more waiting by the washing machine or wondering if your robot vacuum needs emptying. Feel that something is off? Run Smart Diagnosis™ on the ThinQ app to check if your appliances are running properly and be notified potential issues. There’s no more guess work involved.

Technology need not be complicated. LG champions the goal of simplicity through its vision of a true smart home. By simplifying tasks through the use of smart devices, LG envisions a uniquely personalized experience that enhances your life and frees you up to do the things that matter most. The future is here with LG.