The Tough Decisions That Come With Age


While some people do not like to talk about it, getting old is something we all have to do. Most people believe that you only have to make life-changing decisions when you start to reach a certain age in your life, well, the truth is, there is an age point where we all need to start looking at our lives and questioning certain things.

In this post, we are going to be looking at some of the tough decisions we will have to make as we get to certain ages and how they can shape things moving forward.

16 And The Late Teens

While before we reach this point, we are asked what we would like to do or who we would like to be when we grow up, most of us haven’t got a clue, and we just give an answer that society would deem to be acceptable. 

By the time we reach 16, however, we often have some kind of idea which direction we would like to take our lives in, and we have to think about committing to further education or at least finding a pathway into a career that will suit us best.

Generally speaking, this is quite possibly the first big decision any of us will ever have to make, and it could shape our whole lives and everything in them. What you must remember is that this is your decision, and while others may be able to advise you, only you will know what your dreams and aspirations are.


After we have made our way through college and starting a job, we feel like all of that is way behind us, especially as we reach our mid-twenties. The truth is, by the time you get here, you will probably have a steady relationship and possibly even your own home.

Once you are here, yet again, it’s time to make another huge decision. You will now be trying to decide whether it’s time to settle down and build a family, or you may be somebody who doesn’t want that at all. 

If you want to fly solo, that’s fine, some people love to live their lives that way, and there is no reason you cannot. You have to remember that your life journey belongs only to you, so any decision you make should be what you want the most.

The Naughty Forties

By the time you reach this age, you will find yourself in a strange frame of mind. You may feel like your career needs a change, you may feel like your relationship is stale, who knows, perhaps you will visit a vasectomy clinic before heading out to buy yourself a sports car. 

All you will know is that when it comes to changes, this is possibly the time you will want to change things most. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the things running through your head, then you should sit down and talk to somebody close to you who will listen.

For some of us, we can reach a certain age and start to panic; this is completely normal, so you should not worry. All you need to do is make sure you have some good people around and make sure you are sure about things before you make any decisions.