Gloc-9 tops YouTube trending chart with “Halik” and 24 bars rap challenge

After deciding to go the independent route with Asintada, a management and production team headed by his wife Thea Gomez Pollisco, Gloc-9 sets the table for music projects that strike a balance between uncompromised vision and crossover appeal.

The acclaimed hip-hop figure has released new singles that create uplifting artistic statements through socially relevant songs. “Sampaguita,” his latest collaboration with accomplished young singer-songwriter Juan Karlos Labajo, proved to be as successful as his previous classic hits, smashing out of the gate with more than a million views in less than a month.

“When Gloc-9 decided to become independent, he made it clear to work on projects that matter to him on a personal level, and at the same time, promote awareness on the plight of the underprivileged Filipinos through his musical platform,” Thea reveals in a statement. To their advantage, the recent releases garnered positive reception from music fans. The music icon’s recent performance with fellow rapper and songwriter Flow G on Wish 107.5 bus debuted at No. 1 on YouTube’s trending videos chart, reaping more than 6 million views as of today’s update. His captivating performance of “Halik” currently sits inside the video streaming chart’s Top 20 for a third week in a row—a blockbuster feat

that adds value to his growing legacy as a successful hip-hop artist approaching his third decade in the game.

Another video of Gloc-9 is also making rounds on YouTube’s trending videos chart. His 24 bars rap challenge peaked at No. 4 with more than a million views in less than a week of its release. Taking dexterity to the next level, the award-winning rapper impressed listeners with a soul-baring wordplay over a Flip D beat.

“Gloc-9 proves that even with challenges that stem from his newfound DIY leanings, there are solutions to impart your passion, and by using the online platform, the local rap and hip-hop music industry is still reaching out to the fans and followers, providing entertainment and positivity in a time of uncertainty,” Asintada’s Thea Gomez Pollisco shares. “This goes to prove what Gloc-9 has always been saying: inspiration and learning can come from all directions.”

At present, the prolific artist is actively involved in raising funds for both the frontliners and the urban poor communities through various charitable institutions and artist initiatives. He is also set to release a bunch of new singles and collaborations soon under his own management and production outfit, Asintada—which is home to several music acts such as Shanti Dope, JKris, Lirah, and Sandiwa.