Canva Kitchen ECQ Edition: Simple and Affordable Dishes You Can Prepare at Home


The Enhanced Community Quarantine got me spending more hours in the kitchen. I was so used to food deliveries because I was too busy with work. Now that I've got more time at home, I find myself trying out dishes I usually order online. Chef Russell, online design platform Canva's in-house chef, shared recipes of the nutrition meals he prepares for Canva employees through the Canva Kitchen Online.

I've already cooked Chef Russell's Sinigang na Salmon Belly and the Pesang Manok. I'm not into baking but I'm challenging myself to make the Cinnamon Rolls soon!

Here are Chef Russell's recipes I would like you to try: 

Cooking Challenge 

Today, I thought of enjoying the summer heat instead of complaining. Yeah, this is kinda challenging because while Chef Russell's recipes were cooked indoor, Canva's head chef, Chef Nico got me out of the house! Since I never got the chance to go to the beach,  I just went to the backyard where the bbq grill is located and re-created Chef Nico's Inihaw na Baboy. 


1/2 kilo liempo (pang ihaw cut)


2 tablespoon calamansi juice
1 cup soy sauce
1 tablespoon brown sugar
4 tablespoon banana catsup

Next on the grill, Chef  Nico's  Inihaw na Bangus and Ensaladang Talong. Then I probably deserve a quick dip in the pool.

Inihaw na bangus, ensaladang talong, and inihaw na baboy are usually served in a boodle fight. I'll definitely cook these dishes again once we're allowed to socialize. 

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