Meeting Your Customers In The Middle


If you’re currently in business, you know that your customers are the greatest asset you have. They ensure your turnover looks good, and they act as a free form of marketing for the local area and beyond. No matter how many customers you have, they’re invaluable, and you want to impress them as much as possible. 

Indeed, your customers have expectations of you as a business, and if you can’t meet them entirely, you’re going to have to meet them in the middle. Don’t worry, more businesses struggle with such a notion than you might think!

Let’s go about ensuring you can make the journey to ensure your customers feel listened to, and that you’re giving as good a customer service as you can muster. 

Always Send a Feedback Form

Every single time a customer signs up to your mailing list, or make a purchase via your website, send them a feedback form to complete. Give them ample opportunity to make their thoughts known, both good and bad, and even reward them for their efforts with a discount code or a code for a free sample the next time they shop. 

It’s an incentive that better ensures they’ll be able to meet you in the middle as well. Then, using this feedback, you could make all kinds of productive changes to the service you give, and you can also use it as a guide for what training would be of most use to you and your employees. 

Give Them More Ways to Pay

You need to give your customers more ways to pay. For example, you could have customers from all over the globe shopping with your business, and being able to meet them halfway is essential. There could be multiple security and financial concerns when it comes to converting one currency to another, especially via a digital connection, and allowing payments in native currencies is a surefire way to skirt round this pocket of issues. Much cheaper too! 

Don’t worry - it’s a lot easier to institute a system like this than you may first think. You can use a foreign currency bank account straight from a digital device, and that’s where your account will stay too. Remotely accessible, secure enough to run an international business through, and much easier for your foreign customers to make use of as well. 

Locate Your Customer Support Properly

Your customer support needs to be in the right place, to ensure both you and your customers can access it at all times. It should most likely be cloud hosted, to ensure you have a connection to it from all remote locations, and you’re never having to depend on in house servers alone. 

Similarly, make the customer service tab easy to locate on your website’s homepage, to ensure customers don’t have to go looking for too long - make it accessible, and always available. 

Meeting your customers in the middle doesn’t have to be hard, and it can always be improved upon.