Mekeni Home2Home delivery service, reseller program


The quarantine protocols are beginning to ease and most of the areas in the country have started moving on to life in the new normal. However, there are still countless Filipinos who are reeling from the impact of the pandemic—and the lockdown that was implemented to contain it—on their livelihood. Many have suffered heavy losses in terms of income; some had no choice but to permanently close up shop.

Mekeni Food Corporation came up with a number of solutions to help provide additional sources of income to those whose means of earning may have been affected by the pandemic. Among these solutions are the Mekeni Home2Home delivery service, reseller programs for distributors and employees, and the Bayani product line.

To enable customers to purchase quality food from the safety of their homes, Mekeni launched its own online delivery service in April called Home2Home. The company was one of the first to offer this service among food manufacturers at the start of the lockdown period, in a bid to immediately address the needs of customers.

For a fixed fee depending on their location and a minimum order worth Php 500, customers can buy their favorite Mekeni family specialties online and have them delivered straight to their doorstep. The service can be accessed through the company’s official Facebook page ( and on Viber (Mekeni Home2Home Delivery), and while it is available for residents in Metro Manila and Pampanga for now, the company is working on bringing the service to more areas in the country.

For customers who have limited budgets, Mekeni has been partnering with local government units to bring Home2Home to them via Mekeni’s Mobilengke. With this, customers will be able to buy retail packs more conveniently. This also generates extra income for jeepney drivers as these rolling markets typically hire jeepneys and drivers.

Another way that the company is helping to provide additional sources of income to Filipinos is through its reseller program, which has two components. The first is for existing external distributors and dealers, who Mekeni has been tapping to augment its distribution network for bulk orders, especially for areas that are not covered by Home2Home.

The other component is the Mekeni Me-Kita Employee Selling Partnership Program, which was inspired by the company’s humble beginnings as a small business that was set up by two public school teachers to augment the family’s income. Under this program, Mekeni employees and their family members can avail products at a discount and earn additional income when they resell the products at market value.

Mekeni has also come up with a new line of products aimed at providing enterprising Filipinos with a viable source of income. Bayani is Mekeni’s line of frozen street food products catering primarily to micropreneurs, particularly those who operate neighborhood food carts and stalls. This line includes Filipino favorites such as siomai, squid balls, fish balls, kikiam, and siopao, to name a few.

Through Bayani, micropreneurs have the option to acquire financially accessible food supplies from a source that they can trust, and enjoy the same attention to quality and taste that Mekeni has for all of its products. These in turn ensure high profitability, making Bayani a good income generator even with a small capital.

These three offers are a manifestation of the company’s commitment to continuously give back to the community to whom they owe their success. They are Mekeni’s way of empowering others so they can get back on their feet, especially during a crisis when it is needed most.

For those who are interested in becoming a Mekeni reseller or want to set up a Bayani cart, send a message through Mekeni’s official Facebook page at