3 ways on how Twitter can help Filipino creatives slay their game


Filipino creatives

Filipino creatives have always been active online, and it further amplified now that the new normal calls for people to adapt in the digital world. As the go-to platform for #WhatsHappening in and out of the creative scene, Twitter is a hub for everyone, especially Filipino creatives, to stay connected with what's new and relevant today.

Be it for work or personal matters, Twitter can be a great platform for creatives to stay ahead of their game. We interviewed 3 Filipino creatives from various fields to know how they effectively use Twitter for their creative pursuits.

1. Using Twitter for social listening

Whenever there is a rising topic, people know for sure that there are plenty of real-time discussions about it on Twitter. Conversations thrive on the platform as people openly share their thoughts and ideas. For a writer and digital marketer like Dannise (@_xteffie), listening to what is currently talked about helps her stay informed and inspired to pursue her love for writing.

Filipino creatives

“I do social listening when I go on Twitter for work. Sometimes, I log on to search random words related to what I’m working on, and results help me craft anything. I rope in some design inspirations now and then, since many good artists showcase their art on Twitter,” Dann shared.

On the other hand, freelance host and agency gal, Kate (@kathlyndev), shared a business-minded perspective on how Twitter helps her get to know her target audience better through the course of conversations on the platform.

“Twitter somehow directs creatives to pay attention to the most relevant issues. With trends and hashtags, it encourages us to sift through information with the target audience in mind,” Kate shared.

Get ahead of the latest trends or keep tailor trends based on your location and who you follow. Whether you’re looking for cooking inspiration, sharing the vibe on the latest episode of #2getherTheSeriesPH, connecting with fellow Kpop fans, or simply sharing your fitness routine at home; Twitter is the place for you. To do so, follow the steps for Android and iOS here. You may also follow topics of your interest using the Topic Follow prompt. To follow a Topic for the Topics menu, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap Topics in your profile icon menu.
  2. Tap Follow some Topics to browse by category type, such as Entertainment, Gaming, Sports, etc. From within each category and sub-category type, tap the Follow button next to the Topics you’d like to follow.
  3. When finished, tap Done

2. A hive for inspiration and creativity

Filipinos do not just share their thoughts on Twitter, but it is also their outlet to showcase their creative works, be it an article, song, artwork, or other forms of artistic expression. This enables graphic artists such as Aeonix (@aeon_ix) to stay motivated in committing and honing his craft.

“I think it [Twitter] helped me to keep up with my works and post at least 1 artwork each month. Seeing lots of people posting their works too inspired me to do so,” Aeonix shared.

Filipino creatives

On the other hand, having an active community like #artph and Create PHILIPPINES (@CreatePHILS) allows Filipino creatives to help understand what the people are currently into, thus helping agency gals like Kate to think of appropriate strategies to approach her client’s target audience.

“I use Twitter when planning creative executions for brand campaigns and analyzing the effectiveness of our engagements,” Kate shared. “It allows me to identify our target audience and help me understand what works for them, how their interests benefit them, and how can our brands help them meet their needs.”

Dann also shares her Twitter tip to stay inspired: Follow a lot of people. “Follow people with the same mindset and the opposite of yours. It’s a great way to learn.”

More than hitting that follow button, you can also collate all the accounts you follow for inspiration in an organized way using the Twitter list feature. To create one, follow these steps:
  1. Click on Lists in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Create new List icon at the top.
  3. Choose a name and create a short description for your List. Then select if you want it to be private (only accessible to you) or public (anyone can follow the List).
  4. Click Next.
  5. You can then search for people and add people to your List.
  6. Click Done.

3. Expand your (online) world

As cliche as it sounds, no man is indeed an island. Filipino creatives engage with each other on Twitter to exchange ideas through conversations, allowing them to expand their connections and knowledge on various issues. Kate also shared the importance of having a diverse range of people within your radar.

“I appreciate that Twitter has a diverse range of people who can be great sources of creativity. There are so many professionals, influencers, and organizations who use Twitter. On the other hand, there are active netizens who help drive online conversations by simply echoing their opinions on certain topics.”

As a graphic artist, Twitter has helped Aeonix’s artworks reach international following. When asked on how Twitter helps him grow as an artist, he shared: “Mostly when it comes to popular hashtags… it has helped me receive an audience outside the country.”

Filipino creatives

On the other hand, Dann shared that she learns more about popular culture on Twitter. As a certified Swiftie, she goes to Twitter to engage with fellow Filipino and even international fans. “Don’t be afraid to go on stan Twitter; it’s a whole new world.”

Simply following an account is a step towards expanding your online world, or you can also try using Advanced Search to find exactly what you are looking for, be it for work or personal activities. Check this helpful guide on how you can refine your advanced search.

Conversations drive communities, and creativity drives growth in both personal or professional aspects. Stay inspired by being updated on #WhatsHappening in your creative community. Do you also have a Twitter tip for your fellow creatives? Share it with us @TwitterPH!