Durex calls for inclusivity and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community


During the recently held Pride Month, Durex proudly joined the LGBTQIA+ community in their shout for inclusivity and acceptance. Continuing its mission to protect every Filipino from the threats of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS, Durex underscores the importance of using protection during sexual intercourse. To achieve this, they aim to make condoms accessible to Filipinos’ education and awareness initiatives such as school tours and social media and influencer campaigns. This has become ever more relevant as the Philippines has become the country with the fastest growing HIV cases, with 35 cases reported per day in 2019 according to the DOH.

Towards this end, Durex strengthens its support to the LGBTQIA+ community, which has seen a high infection rate year on year. And for the month of June, Durex took Pride by sharing love and care for all and by removing dated notions and outmoded definitions of LGBTQIA+ sex, to show there’s really no one way to own your sexuality.

Simply put, Durex aims to show people that they should never feel confined and intimidated by how others define gay and lesbian sex, and that their ways are also truly valid. Each one of us should be aware of our own rights as individuals and must have love and respect for one another’s choice.

Hence, the brand came out with the timely campaign message ‘No One Way, Love All Ways’, which was the rallying cry during the recently concluded Durex Online Pride Party hosted by Becky Nights. This fun and exciting party featured several games and activities, including interviews with special guests TonyToni, Slick Rick, and Sam YG of Boys Night Out, Gameboys’ Elijah Canlas, Miss International Queen 2012 Kevin Balot, LGBTQIA+ Advocate Justin Contemprato, and Content Creator Jake Perez. Viewers of the Online Pride Party were also treated to special performances by celebrity impersonators Brigiding, Popstar Bench, and Precious Paula Nicole.

“One of the best ways to show our support to the LGBTQIA+ community is to make each and every one of them feel that they are loved and accepted”, Durex Philippines said in a statement recently. “It is equally important that their feelings are valued and embraced, and that we don’t dictate to them how they should think and feel.”

With the ‘No One Way, Love All Ways’ message, Durex also sets out to enjoin everyone to continue the fight of the LGBTQIA+ community long after Pride Month – in solidarity and in togetherness. Because as prejudice, preconceptions, and HIV cases continue to rise, the march must simply continue on!