How Filipinos can lead a worry-free life for only 365 Pesos


I never thought that I will be buying myself an insurance. I know it is important. But I have been in denial for years that I need it. 

Everything changed when my father died in the hospital. It was actually an unexpected death. We were just waiting for his doctor's clearance. He was sitting. His bags were packed. And then he couldn't breath. Cause of death: pulmonary embolism. He was 70. My mother died from breast cancer 6 years earlier. Suddenly, me and my sisters were orphaned. I took care of the bills, the funeral, and my father's insurance documents that need to be processed. Once the dust has settled, I came to a realization: my life is not worry-free anymore. I don't have parents who will protect me and help me financially when the going gets tough. 

Millions of Filipinos are like me who want a worry-free life. But how can it be achieved? Digging deeper, how did my parents achieved it and made me and my siblings benefit as well?

The answer: life insurance.

Why do we need a life insurance?

We need life insurance because we will never know when we will die. It can be because of illness or old age. It can be an accident that can happen anytime. Life insurance makes thing easier for the loved ones you leave behind. 

We need life insurance because funerals are expensive. I remember back then, it has not sank in yet that my dad has died and yet I don't have time to process my emotions. I need to pay for the hospital bills and then contact immediately a funeral parlor and make arrangements. 

We need life insurance because we don't have to leave our loved ones indebted. We don't want them to have financial burden after we are gone. 

We need life insurance because it gives us peace of mind. Now more than ever, we are faced with lots of uncertainties because of the pandemic. 

The next question: Can Filipinos afford a life insurance?

There are 365 days in a year. And you only need 365 Pesos life insurance for one year. If you can buy a 30 Pesos cellphone load for a week, you can definitely afford a life insurance. 

For a one-time payment of 365 Pesos, Country Bankers’ Alalay sa Buhay Insurance Plan gives you a life insurance protection for one year. Should something unfortunate happen, your beneficiary will receive 100% of death benefit anytime during the whole year period.

The coverage includes:
  • Natural Death: Loss of life due to old age or sickness.
  • Accidental Death: Loss of life due to accidents, or unforeseen events, or injury sustained in an accident.
  • Instant Abuloy: Immediate burial assistance given to bereaved families upon submission of death certificate(s) of insured by authorized claimant(s).
  • Daily Confinement Benefit: Paid for a period of required confinement in any hospital in the Philippines, due to sickness or accident.
Benefits: (per unit)
  • P25,000 death benefit 
  • P25,000 accidental benefit
  • P5,000 instant abuloy
  • P100/day daily confinement (maximum of 30 days)
A maximum of 4 units is allowed per insured individual and may cover ages 13 to 70. 

Filipinos are known to value family. That is why Country Bankers also offers life insurance for the family and our beloved seniors. For only P750, you can get the whole family insured for one year.  This includes up to 3 children age 1 day old up to 21 years old.  For our grandparents who are 71 - 80 years old, the Alalay sa Buhay Seniors provides coverage of up to 80,000 Pesos depending on the plan you will choose. Senior plan starts at 1,000 Pesos for one year.

“I never worry about action, but only about inaction.”– Winston Churchill

Kapag sigurado, hindi kabado. 

Save your self from the stress of not knowing if your loved ones will have a worry-free life after you have gone. Get insured. 

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