Influencer Marketing and Content Making in the New Normal


 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Influencer marketing in mid-March came to a halt as the pandemic hits the whole world. Influencer marketing which has seen explosive growth over the last few years started to question how they can move forward with their influencer campaigns in a way that balances compassion with the company’s business objectives.

How can those killer fashion looks, extravagant shopping and travel, lavish fine dining, spectacular events, and glamorous trips many blogged or vlogged about would not appear insensitive with the arrival of COVID-19? With travel restrictions, business closures and cancellations of events, creating fresh content is such a huge challenge nowadays.

But it's true that influencers, bloggers, vloggers, content creators do have an advantage at this time. The followers have more time for interactions because they are typically more engaged online and in social media, as they shelter at home. Influencers can get more creative by filming themselves without a crew to quickly refresh messaging, while commercial production still on a locked down.

The challenge now is on developing appropriate content. While travel is out, gaming interest is thriving with how-to as people look to be entertained at home. Fitness and cooking as well as COVID-19 topics such as do-it-yourself haircuts are also popular topics to write or contents to produce.

Creators and influencers can focus on some new job we have to do, new consumer needs, and work from home jobs or business ideas that can be started in the backyard. These are very in-demand topics as there are a lot of people who lost their jobs and businesses bankrupted that are now trying to bounce back and adapt to the new normal.

Encouraging messages of optimism and self-care with some barring the mention of coronavirus in influencer posts should be promoted, too. Fashion is still "in" during these trying times, therefore influencers are encouraged to feel empowered to post about fashion promoting safety during pandemic and offering guidelines on how to remain tasteful.

Influencers can provide authenticity in this COVID19 crisis, they can provide escapism which consumers are looking for. Now, more than ever, people need to be distracted and relieved from unpleasant realities. But escapism is helpful only in the short term, therefore content creators need to produce other content that will teach the escapee how to face the issue with courage and strength.

At the same time, influencers should be mindful of posting about high-end travel, fashion and dining, as they will look tone-deaf. For the duration of this crisis and recovery, the true influencers will be those who offer practical solutions in their own lives and outreach about the larger community.

Put out the wrong type of message or push the wrong type of activities, and you’re going to be criticized heavily. However, with more eyes than ever on sites, apps, and social media, there is also tremendous opportunity to utilize influencers via the right messaging. Quarantining just brings about different types of activities and products and these can often resonate stronger and create even more connection if they tie into the “we’re all in this together” messaging dominating pandemic marketing.

What influencers can offer for marketers at this time is to bring an authentic brand message to their audience, which is a measure of their true value. The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a need for social media to be a source of support, guidance, and relevant information. It’s become a lifeline in many ways as people stay home and authenticity is key to maintaining brand affinity. The influencer marketing industry is still alive during and after this pandemic as the whole world needs more content that will inspire them and heal them. The new normal will set a lot of standards when it comes to social media and influencer marketing but creators being as versatile and as creative and resourceful as before, they can always produce something new that can connect with the audience.