Putahe ng Mama Mo: Dishes Made with Love


I have been a supporter of small online food businesses even before the pandemic confined us in our homes. Aside from having a busy schedule, I am not a kitchen goddess. I only know how to cook a few dishes and they are served on a very predictable rotation. Online food deliveries have been keeping our tummies full.

I received a message on Roselle Writes  last week from one of the owners of Putahe ng Mama Mo asking me if I could feature their business. I browsed the menu and  I was actually tempted to buy the chicharong bulaklak but I just bought four packs of chicken skin from another online seller a few days ago (hello cholesterol!). So I bought the bestseller: Liempo Sisig. (Yeah, I know...)

The Story

Mich Tibayan, one of the owners, is the granddaughter of Dr. Rustica Carpio. Fondly called Tita Rusty, she is a beloved icon in the world of theater. Mich told me that when her lola got bedridden, she took the role of taking care of her. In order to make ends meet, she and her friend Janet del Mundo decided to start a food business with a P2,000 capital. 

It was named Putahe ng Mama Mo because Mitch's friends call her Momma/Momshie/Mamsh/Ma even though she is still single because of her caring personality.

The menu

The Liempo Sisig SOLO serving is an instant hit. Most loyal customers would even order it regularly that Mitch already got concerned with their health. Another favorite is the Chicharon Bulaklak with the free special vinegar. And who would have thought that the customers will love the vinegar so much they started asking to have it sold by the bottle.

A healthier choice on the menu is the mixed vegetables in oyster sauce. For the kare-kare lovers like me, you can choose between beef and bagnet.

What I love

I ordered the Liempo Sisig for sharing. When I opened the microwaveable container, I was so tempted to have a spoonful. I requested for a spicy version. Putahe ng Mama Mo's liempo sisig tastes similar to the famous sisig brand you see in SM food courts. The family enjoyed our dinner.

Mitch was kind enough to send me a free tub of mashed potato. At first, I was kinda sad that it didn't come with a gravy. I love eating mashed potato with a gravy. BUT Putahe ng Mama Mo changed the way I eat this dish. Their creamy and cheesy mashed potato is so good on its own. I'm looking forward to ordering a big tub even if it means paying a shipping fee from QC to Antipolo. My family and friends know me so well when in comes to food. I could order from as far as Las Piñas for bottles of my favorite adobong mani.

How to order

Putahe ng Mama Mo is located in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. You can send a message on their FB Page https://www.facebook.com/putahengmamamo/ . Orders are accepted from 10am to 6pm. 

Mode of payment: COD, bank transfer, GCash, and PayMaya

If you are also planning to start a business, Putahe ng Mama Mo is looking for city distributors and resellers.