PLDT Enterprise provides PACU member schools with SMART Giga Study, e-Learning tools


SMART Giga Study

The education is one of the sectors greatly affected by the pandemic. The 196 member schools of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU) are among the learning institutions facing the challenge to shift to e-Learning—and PACU has been more than ready to extend aid in various ways.

PACU has recently partnered with PLDT Enterprise to support its member schools’ transition to e-Learning. With this collaboration, PLDT Enterprise will be providing PACU’s member schools with SMART Giga Study plans and curated services for e-Learning that can be customized for each learning institution and updated to keep pace with schools’ evolving needs.

SMART’s Giga Study plans are especially developed prepaid packages that cater exclusively to the academe. Giga Study includes daily data allocations for online learning tools essential to today’s new normal of learning. It also provides open data allocations that can enable both learners and faculty members to access information vital to furthering their expanded online needs.

According to Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups, “We are strong in our resolve to help enable schools provide high-quality education even during this time. We want to redefine the future of learning by providing the necessary digital tools and solutions that will address both the needs of the teachers and the students.”

Another solution that PLDT Enterprise is offering to PACU's member schools is Microsoft Education, which is a complete e-Learning solution with educational tools designed to drive student and teacher engagements and focused learning, both within and outside the classroom. This includes a learning management system that hosts a collaborative environment via SharePoint on the Microsoft 365 platform. PACU’s member schools are free to choose the e-Learning package according to their requirements and system capabilities.

Moreover, PACU member schools can have access to a mobile broadband that comes bundled with devices and collaboration tools—allowing students and faculty to access their LMS and other sites used for research without worrying about losing their connection. Any problems that PACU member schools will encounter will be addressed in a timely manner by dedicated 24/7 technical support, which is accessible through 177.

According to Dr. Carol Enriquez, President of PACU, “We’re all going through an incredible change in our education processes these days. Our partnership with PLDT Enterprise will make the adjustment as painless as possible. We consider this partnership a smart investment in the future of education that can help us weather any future disruptions.”

PACU and PLDT are smoothing the transition to e-Learning through a three-part webinar titled “#ONEwithYOU: A Virtual Learning Series for the Academe” on their official Facebook page, the last leg of which was streamed on July 1, 2020. This virtual webinar addresses challenges in online learning and discuss how Philippine education can remain resilient.

“Through this partnership, we are helping PACU ensure that its member institutions have the necessary connectivity to continue remote learning for their home-based students. This bold step should ease students’ minds and assure them that their schools are ready for the challenges posed by the pandemic,” said Vic Tria, First Vice President of PLDT Enterprise.

PLDT Enterprise aims to redefine the future of learning through its continuous engagements with universities, colleges, schools and learning institutions across the country so no learner is left behind.

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