Ben&Ben fandom “Liwanag” honors Filipino heritage


Ben&Ben Liwanag


Ben&Ben has finally found the perfect name for their official fandom and the suggestions of the fans has helped with the process of choosing.

The folk-pop outfit chose the Filipino equivalent of its previous fan club moniker, Lights as a reminder that “we can be bearers of hope in these dark times.”

The initiative also celebrates the community’s unwavering bayanihan spirit and optimism to advocate for meaningful change and unity through music, despite the challenges that the nation is currently facing.

Below is the official statement:

"Liwanag" is the new, official fandom name of Ben&Ben! We have heard your suggestions. We want to honor our Filipino heritage, at higit sa lahat, kayo ang Liwanag namin. #BenAndBenLiwanagFandom.

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