More meat or more marketing? Subway chose what's worth your every peso!


Subway Meat Stack

Whenever I grab a sub for a quick meal, I am always torn between Subway's Sliced Chicken and Ham and Subway's Italian BMT.  Now, imagine having both in an incredibly satisfying sub stacked with layers of chicken strips, pepperoni, sliced chicken, and salami. Indeed, a meat lover's "everything in it" perfect sub. 

Subway wants you to elevate the experience from a simple sub into a fully loaded Meat Stack sub that is worth your every peso. But this new menu came with a cost for the international submarine sandwich brand.

Launching a new product requires a hefty budget. Subway disclosed that they were "sandwiched" in their budget plans this year as they were left with two options. It was either to provide more meat to their subs or more budget for marketing.

Subway chose a hyper value sub filled with fresh meat on top of each other.

More meat, less marketing

Subway Meat Stack

Subway launched the more meat, less marketing campaign using an ad that looks low-budget to promote its new menu. The 15-second long ad text intro states that the "advertisement was made by an intern on a budget". 

Then it showed the process of how the ad was created using a software that is similar to Microsoft Powerpoint.

Subway even disclosed that they didn't pay for a copywriter to make this happen. They also used the hashtag  #LessMarketing4MoreMeat to get the message across of the slash in their marketing budget.

The new Meat Stack Sub

Subway Meat Stack

The message is clear:  Subway chose to put the budget on adding more meat for their subs than their marketing campaigns. And they have thrown in a sweet deal of their delicious chocolate chip cookie for only Php20 as an add-on.

Dine-in and take-out customers can choose between the 6-inch a la carte for Php165 or the 6-inch sub combo with a 16-oz drink for Php190. Those with a heavy appetite can order the Footlong a la carte at Php320. 

The 6-inch fully loaded a la carte is priced at Php 206.25 while the 6-inch fully loaded sub with a 16-oz drink combo is priced at Php237.50. The Footlong a la carte is priced at Php400. Add Php25 for a chocolate chip cookie.

Enjoy two 6-inch subs for only Php250 when you avail of the Twin Deal offering consists of a 6-inch Meat Stack a la carte plus a 6-inch Smoked Chicken.

Subway also offers customers the chance to taste their fully loaded menu at the comfort of their homes and offices via GrabFood and LalaFood App. Delivery fee varies depending on the location.

Seamless transaction with "Botty" via messenger

Subway Meat Stack

No need to wait in line if you prefer to pick up your order from the branch. Customers can place their orders through BOTTY on messenger, Subway's helpful chatbot that provides hassle-free transaction. it works in 3-simple steps: Order, Pay, and Collect! 

Place your order at messenger. You will know right away the total amount to pay at the restaurant. You will receive an order number and you will be updated on the status of your transaction. When your order is ready for pick-up, all you have to do is pay and collect. 

The New Meat Stack sub is available in the 29 Subway branches in Luzon from October 5, 2020 to January 5, 2021. Currently, the RCBC Plaza, Festival Mall, and Ayala Manila Bay branches are temporarily closed. 

To locate the nearest Subway branch in Luzon, visit


The campaign was inspired by the challenges faced today by the advertising industry because of the pandemic. Budget cuts have been limiting the marketing campaigns and Subway is not spared. 

The More Meat, Less Marketing campaign proves that even with limited resources, a good product and a creative advertising team will always have a successful result.