Best Ways To Organize Your Bathroom


Organize Your Bathroom

How many of us have a cramped bathroom sink or things accidentally falling over into the toilet bowl because of too much clutter? Organizing the bathroom is one of the quickest ways to: 


As with any room, making sure your bathroom only has what you truly need and use is key to maintaining an organized space. Throw out or recycle those empty shampoo bottles that have been sitting at the back of your shelves. Check for any products past their expiration dates and (chuck them in the bin). 

Reconsider if you’re really going to need that tiny bar of soap you’ve kept as a souvenir from the hotel you vacationed in. Organizing becomes a lot easier when you separate things you don’t need from the things you actually use every day. 

Keep similar items together 

Take note of what sort of items you have and how to segregate them. Keeping items you frequently use together such as make up and make up brushes, or facial wash and scrubs into one area can make sure you’re not scrambling. 

Keep the counters clutter free 

How many of us have knocked down tubes of toothpaste. We tend to put our most used items on the counter and a little organization can go a long way. Use dividers.

If you don’t have the wide counter space of a dedicated sink, consider sectioning the essentials in their own separate caddy to keep your bathroom organized and easy to clean or use the inside of cabinet doors for storage. 

Think vertically 

Shelves are a great way to add storage options to an already existing unit. They can be very flexible in accommodating the size of your bathroom as long as you keep in mind where to put them. Neglected spaces such as the wall above your toilet can be the perfect spot for an easy to access shelf. 

Invest in storage accessories 

Drawer dividers can aid you in keeping everything in its place. A good rule of thumb is to try and avoid having things on top of each other in a drawer. 

Maintain the organization 

Now that the hard part is out of the way and everything has its place, the easiest but most important part is to make sure that you maintain it!