Durex donates PPEs to HIV-advocate groups to advance Protection and Preparedness Education Campaign

Durex, a brand that advocates HIV Awareness and health safety, donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to local HIV-advocate groups as part of their Protection and Preparedness Education Campaign, just in time for World AIDS Day.

A total of 1000 face masks, 1000 face shields, and 7000 boxes of Durex Condoms were each turned over to LoveYourself, The Red Whistle, and the PLHIV Response Center to help boost their efforts to combat HIV/AIDS amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and promote health safety.

The brand has been consistent in its efforts to spread HIV Awareness ever since the lockdown started here in the country. Launching the Protection and Preparedness Education campaign last September, Durex aims to further raise awareness on the importance of using PPEs like face masks and condoms to curb the COVID-19 pandemic and HIV epidemic in the country. They aim to remind Filipinos that alongside COVID-19, HIV is still a growing health crisis and that it deserves everyone’s utmost attention.

As of December 3, there have been 435,413 total reported cases of COVID-19 and around 81,000 total reported cases of HIV in the country.

The campaign seeks to educate Filipinos on health safety and the importance of practicing safe sex even during quarantine through a series of fun and informational videos with Boys Night Out and other personalities. These videos, which can be streamed via Durex’s Facebook and YouTube pages, tackle the best PPEs to use in the new normal and provide tips on how to stay safe and protected both up there and down there during this difficult time.