Sarah Barrios teams up with Filipina singer-songwriter syd hartha on instant bop “All My Sins”


American singer-songwriter Sarah Barrios teams up with award-winning Filipina artist syd hartha on “All My Sins,” an electro-pop jam that sounds firm and assured even when it dips into pulsating minimalism and nostalgic, clubby feel. 

With a dreamy pop approach thrown in for good measure, “All My Sins” is an instant bop that builds into a swoon-worthy chorus. Its understated shimmer blends well with both Sarah and syd’s compelling vocals, made more appealing with a lush and effortless arrangement. 

According to Sarah, “All My Sins” was written as response to being haunted by a mistake committed in the past. “For me, this song is about thinking through all of the mistakes you've made and asking the question of, ‘Am I a bad person? Or am I just too hard on myself?’ I'm definitely an over thinker and a perfectionist, so sometimes I find myself in this place,” the songstress said. 

The track was conceptualized during the quarantine period at a time when Sarah was actively seeking potential collaborations on new material. “I really wanted to do a collaboration with another woman, as all of my previous collabs have been with men and just happened to stumble upon syd hartha one night,” Sarah said. “Her voice was so calming and yet also, so powerful and after binge watching all of her videos on YouTube, I just knew she would be the perfect person to help bring this song to life.” 

syd, on the other hand, felt apprehensive at first, given it’s her first collaborative project with an artist from overseas. Despite the imminent uncertainty of the pandemic and the significant gap in time zones, the recording process went smoothly. “Working with Sarah has been amazing,” described syd. “She was very welcoming and chill. It’s an honor to work with an artist like her.” 

“All My Sins” offers stellar production choices that wouldn’t feel out of place in today’s current crop of hits. The song marches on with a luminous pop edge that is consistently enjoyable from start to finish, giving both artists an opportunity to take risks and try something that’s never been done before. Sarah Barrios’ “All My Sins” featuring syd hartha is out now on all digital platforms worldwide via Sony Music.