Your essential Christmas marketing strategy for B2B


Christmas is one of the most profitable periods of the year for the retail industry. Even in the middle of the pandemic, we can expect Christmas shopping to increase footfall and online visits to some of the biggest high street brands. Therefore, it’s easy to design a profit-driving B2B marketing strategy for the Christmas period. The typical email marketing strategy will combine a mixture of new products and offers and preferential discounts. 

Buy now for delivery before Christmas.
Three for the price of two for the unique Christmas sets!
New Christmas gift ideas for the family!

We’ve all come across similar subject lines from our favorite brands. But Christmas is also the best time of the year to reach out to B2B clients. Indeed, most companies have a yearly budget, which is typically established in December for the year to come. Therefore, your Christmas communication can secure you a spot on the 2021 budget. Additionally, it’s worth noting that 2020 has been a tough year. Many businesses need to come to terms with new pandemic challenges and how it will affect their companies in the long term. Indeed, the coronavirus has changed the way companies operate. Consequently, IT services are essential to navigate remote workplaces safely. Legal services also need to tackle new pandemic-related queries. Here are ideas to promote your essential B2B services this Christmas. 

IT security and networking companies

During 2020, most companies have had to embrace remote work arrangements to keep their staff safe. Establishing a secure and reliable work network for remote employees is no easy task. While many have been forced to improvise a budget-friendly solution to keep their business running, now’s the time to consider their IT strategy for 2021. Indeed, even though there are already talks about a vaccine, many employees may want to maintain their remote status. For these, it’s a good idea to consider upgrading their work equipment. You can’t expect professionals to remain productive on old devices. Modern laptops and notebooks, on the other hand, are equipped to provide a fast-working, multitasking environment, even in the home office. Besides, as an IT consultant, you can provide a combined approach to IT strategy, offering targeting equipment upgrades and cybersecurity approaches. 

Legal firms and legal advisors

Covid-19 brings a new world of legal claims and complaints. Businesses can receive claims from customers or employees who fear they have been exposed to the virus on the premises. Therefore, it becomes essential for legal firms to address these new concerns in the Christmas campaign. Ideally, you want to reach out to a law marketing agency such as Elite Lawyer Management. Indeed, you need an expert who can understand the legal challenges of the situation and express them clearly for your audience. 

Healthcare sector

The pandemic is a unique opportunity for telehealth. According to The Lancet, many healthcare professionals have made a shift towards telephone and video consultations. However, the technology that supports virtual health appointments is not new. Health trackers and video calls have been part of everyday life for a long time. Nevertheless, IT companies can bring their expertise to healthcare centers to create a connected network of secure health data. Additionally, providing digital inclusion workshops can transform virtual communication with foreign speakers. 

The B2B sector can seize the opportunity this Christmas to respond to the challenges of 2020 and prepare their clients for future challenges. From remote work to legal pandemic claims, there’s a lot to do to help companies recoup their 2020 losses.