Robinsons Bank IPONsurance® — securing the lives of the Filipino people


True to its vision of fulfilling the customer need, Robinsons Bank’s venture into the Bancassurance business through the IPONsurance®, sought to provide Filipinos with better and more affordable choices towards a financially secure future. 

Just last October, the Bank released the very first IPONsurance® death claim in Visayas. Even when the account was just recently opened before the owner’s sudden passing, the family was able to receive the claim without any difficulty. It also helped provide financial support to the family through the difficult time and allowed for their money to return three-fold. 

Through IPONsurance®, RBank offers a way for Filipinos to be insured and to provide protection to their families in case of unforeseen events. 

For just a minimum deposit of Php 20,000, your interest-bearing savings account comes with a FREE life insurance coverage that is worth up to four times the account’s Average Daily Balance (ADB). 

Covering individuals up to 65 years of age, the IPONsurance® makes a great alternative for recent retirees who may have missed the traditional age requirement cut-off of other life insurance companies. 

Moreover, those who wish to open an account will not be required to provide any medical clearance, and insurance coverage is provided instantly upon opening of the account. 

Securing your bright future 

With the goal of securing the lives of more Filipinos, Robinsons Bank, and the country’s leading life insurer, Pru Life UK has once again inked its Distribution Agreement Renewal, effective on February 1, 2021. 

The agreement extends RBank’s and PLUK’s partnership for another three years, ensuring that Filipinos can have easy access to protection through an affordable life insurance product. 

With the relentless commitment to provide excellent products and services, Robinsons Bank empowers every Filipino to take a hold of a promising tomorrow. This is what Robinsons Bank has always strived for – providing the community of Filipinos to reap the benefits of financial services that were once thought to be unattainable – to be a Bank of Choice for the Filipino people. 

For more information about the Robinsons Bank IPONsurance® Savings Account, click here.