How to make your commute safer


Although it’s not something you’ll want to think about too often, the truth is that every time we step outside of our homes, we run the risk of being injured or worse. Once we are outside of the safety of our properties, there are so many different things around us that can cause problems, and many of them are unpredictable like other people and the weather. 

However, don’t let this stop you from going outside; fresh air is good for you, and leaving your home once in a while (restrictions allowing) means getting a good break and perhaps even positively resetting your mental health. We say don’t let it put you off because there are plenty of ways to make leaving your home, and specifically your commute to work, much safer. Read on to find out what some of them are. 

Pay attention to warning signals 

If your daily commute is done using your own vehicle, whether that’s a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or anything else, make sure you pay attention to any warning signals it might be giving you. This could be in the form of lights or sounds, or it might just be in the way it handles (especially when you think of a bicycle). 

By paying attention to these things, you could prevent an accident since there is clearly something wrong with your vehicle for it to be making the noises and sending the signals. It’s best to have an expert check the vehicle over to ensure it is safe to use, and never ignore the warning signals it is giving you; they are there for a reason. 

Wear safety equipment 

If whatever you are doing out of doors requires safety equipment, you should always wear it. You might initially think that this only relates to your place of work or any hobbies you might do that could potentially lead to injury, but the same is true if you are commuting to work – you should wear safety equipment then as well. 

In a car, this means wearing a seatbelt, for example. On a motorcycle, you should wear long sleeves, thicker clothing, and a helmet, perhaps even an original BMW motorcycle helmet if that is something that you enjoy. When on a bicycle, again you need a helmet and you might also want knee and elbow pads. Even if you run or walk to work, wearing brightly colored clothing so you can be seen in the dark and in bad weather is ideal. This way, you can keep yourself as safe as possible. 

Avoid rush hour

The more people who are on the road during your daily commute to and from work, the more chance you will have an accident thanks to the law of averages. Therefore, it’s much safer to pick a time when there won’t be so many people on the road. Of course, this will mean leaving your home or place of work either earlier or later, so you may need to speak to your employer about flexible working so that you can start and finish at different – safer – times. 

Alternatively, you could choose to leave earlier and go to the gym before work, or leave later and enjoy a hobby close to your workplace.