HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO Spring/Summer 2021 Collection celebrates comfort, simplicity, and self-identify for changing lifestyles


UNIQLO, the Japanese global apparel retailer, today announces that it will launch the HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO Spring/Summer 2021 collection from April 9 at selected UNIQLO stores and through uniqlo.com/ph. The latest collection from a collaboration with New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima expresses the world’s rich cultural diversity through elegant styling, comfort, attention to detail, and universal design. The line is versatile and for women of all ages.

Commenting on the collection, Hana Tajima noted that, “What we wear can allow us to fully inhabit a particular side of who we are. Our days are becoming more condensed with different parts of our lives existing in the same place. Through comfort and simplicity, I wanted these clothes to give a sense of space and allow us to transition easily between different parts of ourselves, so we can reclaim a sense of identity." 

The Spring/Summer 2021 offering amply reflects Ms. Tajima’s approach to these daily realities. The line acknowledges that as societies become more diverse and mature, clothing is evolving away from stereotypical styles for individual occasions toward universally accessible items for all aspects of life, thus making every day more comfortable for changing lifestyles. Rayon linen is in everything from bottoms to outerwear because it is firm while draping well. Cool, wavy seersucker allows ankle pants to follow body contours and summer dresses to accentuate femininity with flared silhouettes. In-trend blouses are finely detailed, and softly translucent. The line also features iconic soft geometric patterns. Organic lines and colors embody fabric textures, all to underscore the collection’s elegance and comfort.

You can view the entire collection at https://www.uniqlo.com/hanatajima/21ss/ph/

About Hana Tajima 

Combining refined elegance and effortless comfort, UK-born fashion designer Hana Tajima is changing the way women dress all over the world with her contemporary, functional designs. She has garnered considerable international attention in recent years for her unique designs, which are informed by her upbringing in diverse environments.