UnionBank makes fund transfer easier by e-mail or mobile number



Fund transfers just got even easier. There is no need to share your account number to receive money. Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) is one of the first in the country to initiate fund transfers via email or mobile through Instapay via its UnionBank Online App. 

The new and improved InstaPay is #InstaEasy. Customers can now opt to send and receive up to Php 50,000.00 per day using email addresses and mobile numbers without the need to give their account numbers or enter the recipients’ bank account numbers starting February 1, 2021. 

Since its launch in February, close to 57,000 customers have already registered for this new feature. 

UnionBank customers must update their UnionBank Online app to access the ‘Receive Money’ settings and register to this newest feature. 

To send money using only email and/or mobile number, customers can choose ‘Send Money via Mobile Number” or ‘Send Money via Email” in the UnionBank Online app, then enter the recipient’s email or mobile number. 

To receive money using only email and/or mobile number, UnionBank customers should register to this new feature by going to the “More” tab in the mobile app or UnionBank Online website: 

1. Tap “Receive Money” 

2. Assign an account to your mobile number or email (you can only use the email and mobile number that is registered in UnionBank Online) 

3. Tap “Save” 

4. Enter OTP

This feature is initially available to UnionBank and Chinabank customers. 

Concurrently, customers may still continue to send and receive funds using their bank account numbers while registered in this new feature. 

For more information about this feature, visit https://www.unionbankph.com/unionbankonline/transfer-via-instapay