5 Tips on Taking Care of your Marimo Moss


For centuries, house plants have fascinated the interest of many. Even before the pandemic hit, many plantitos and plantitas emerged and immersed themselves in the world of different greeneries, both edible and decorative. While not everyone is blessed with a green thumb, the good news is that you can still fulfill your plant parent dreams through easy-to-grow plants such as marimo moss balls. 

For starters, marimo means “seaweed ball” in Japanese. These moss balls literally look like green balls of life surviving in water. And because they are alive, keeping a marimo moss ball is like raising a pet and house plant in one. If you’re thinking of raising these soft greens in your fishbowl or aquarium, here are five care tips you need to know: 

Change water every two weeks 

Like maintaining a fish tank, changing your water is crucial to your marimo’s health. Replace the water every two weeks with regular tap water. Doing so prevents dirt build-up from suffocating your fluffy moss pet. If your marimo moss lives with other aquatic plants, you’ll have to change the water depending on the tank situation. You can also adjust the water-changing time according to the needs of your other plants. 

Choose your marimo’s tank mates 

As mentioned earlier, you can keep your marimo moss balls with fishes and shrimps. While it is safe to place your moss pets with your pet fish, you need to check whether or not your pet fish will peck at your marimo moss. The last thing you’d want is your pet moss to get smaller because your swimmers are eating it gradually. If you plan to keep marimo moss with fish, choose betta fish, cleaner shrimps, and freshwater shrimps as their tank mates. 

Because marimo moss balls grow healthier in colder temperatures, you might want to keep them in glass tanks to observe them better. Future owners of Forbes Park houses for sale who want to put up koi ponds in their yard may designate a separate tank for their marimo moss. Koi fish may eat the moss, and some bits may also clog the filters and pumps of the pond. 

Keep them away from heat 

Marimo moss balls thrive in colder temperatures. It is best to use water with a maximum temperature of 24°C (76°F) to maintain your marimo’s lush green color. During hotter and more humid months, you may give your marimo moss balls a “vacation” by placing them in a separate container and placing them in your fridge for 24 hours. 

Place them on low to medium indirect light 

It is also vital to keep your marimo moss under low or medium indirect light. Protect your moss balls from direct sunlight as it may cause them to form brown spots. Leaving them in warm waters and high temperatures will eventually cause your marimo to die. 

Take note of color changes 

Besides browning, take note of other color changes in your pet moss. Healthy marimo balls have a lush green color. If you notice any gray or black spots, it might mean your marimo moss is sick. You may take your moss out of the water and gently cut away the dark spots. Alternatively, you may cleanse them in a container filled with water and ocean salt. 

Marimo moss balls are cute, fluffy plants that beginners can keep as pets at home. But to maintain their wellness and cuteness, you may take care of them with these five tips. You might even grow healthy marimo balls measuring around 8 inches and can live up to 20 years!