All-day comfort for the summer season with UNIQLO AIRism



Summer in the Philippines is just around the corner, and we can all expect humid and hot weather to come along with it, making comfort and freshness our top priority. To give Filipinos breathable options for the season, global apparel retailer UNIQLO has consistently offered a wide selection of AIRism pieces throughout the years. Innovative clothing made for maximum comfort, the AIRism collection is made with antimicrobial fabric and comfort conditioning technology, releasing heat and wicking away moisture to keep you dry and cool all day.

Whether you’re staying at home, going out for a quick errand or working up a sweat, all-day comfort is exactly what you’ll get with the AIRism collection. From polo shirts, bra tops, AIRism mask, loungewear, innerwear, UV protection to beddings, AIRism pieces keep you fresh and cool in the summer season at home or outside. 

AIRism for your neighborhood stroll 

Taking a breather to enjoy the neighborhood may be the reprieve you need during a long work day. Stay cool and fresh even under the sun with items like the Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Short Sleeve Long Dress, Uniqlo U AIRism Cotton Oversized T-shirt, and AIRism Cotton Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

AIRism at home 

UNIQLO also offers AIRism pieces that are perfect for keeping comfortable and cool at home. The AIRism Cotton Short Sleeve Set (available for men’s, women’s and kids) and the AIRism beddings are the perfect combination to lounge around and watch your favorite series.

AIRism Innerwear for Casual Work Life 

Work-from-home or not, we always need to have comfortable clothing while accomplishing our daily tasks. AIRism Bra Camisole, AIRism Ultra Seamless Shorts (HipHuggers), and AIRism V Beck Short Sleeve T-Shirt allow you think more creatively with a fresh mind, thanks to the comfort it provides.

AIRism for your wellness 

Working out during the hot and humid season can be especially tiring. Good thing UNIQLO offers sports utility wear pieces made with its signature breathable and quick-drying AIRism technology to allow you move freely no matter the weather.

Designed for everyday comfort, the UNIQLO AIRism Collection is now available in all UNIQLO stores nationwide and through the UNIQLO Online Store at For more updates and the full collection, customers may visit UNIQLO Philippine’s website and download the UNIQLO APP via Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

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