How to protect yourself when staying indoors is not an option


 AirQueen Philippines

No matter how much we want to do all our transactions online, there are errands that require us to go out. The basic thing we must do to protect ourselves is to wear a face mask. There are various masks available in the market but do you know what should you look for in a mask?

Wearing any mask that is available does not guarantee that you are protected. Surgical mask and N95 mask are the most recommended especially for medical front liners who are most exposed to the virus. The next best thing is AirQueen nano mask. This South Korean washable and reusable nano-fiber filtered mask is an FDA 510K cleared N95 substantial equivalent.

AirQueen Philippines is the authorized distributor in the Philippines. To ensure that you only get the authentic product and to enjoy up to 72% discount during the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival, purchase your mask only from their official Shopee store at

What I am wearing is the Black SOOM LAB Hyper Purifying Breathing Mask. This 4-ply nanofiber filter by BeyondTex mask has 99.9% filtration level which is N95 equivalent. It is breathable without compromising protection. This can be sanitized by isopropyl alcohol and reuse up to 10 times making it more economical. 

Original price is 170 Pesos but you can get this for only 55 Pesos when you purchase on May 5. Add to cart HERE

AirQueen Philippines Soom Lab

If you prefer the white variant, you can get the SOOM LAB Hyper Purifying Breathing Mask for only 47 Pesos on 5.5 Brands Festival. Add to cart HERE and don't forget to check out on May 5. 

AirQueen Philippines also distributes the CleenWell KF94 Respiratory Nano Mask. It has the highest level of protection rated as KF94 (similar to N95) and recognized by the Korean Food and Drug Administration.

AirQueen Philippines CleenWell

CleenWell KF94 Respiratory Nano Mask uses 4-ply high efficiency ultra-static HEFA filterand provides a comfortable fit with a three-dimensional structure that does not touch the lips. It also allows you to be stylish with a variety of color to choose from. 

Priced at 170 Pesos, you can purchase this for only 53 Pesos on May 5. Add to cart HERE.

IATF guidelines also require the use of face shield. Air Shield, the lightest faceshield in the market made in Korea is also available at AirQueen Philippines.

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