OLENS Russian Smoky Collection Eyestyling and Review


We girls love to wear color contact lenses that will make our eyes stand out. Not just because we need it, but because we want to enhance our style. This review will help you to make that chic and stylish aura that you want, even if the only thing that they will see on your face nowadays is your eyes. 

OLENS is a famous contact lens brand in Korea and internationally. They cater to different styles that will fit any occasion and needs. One of their newest collections is the Russian Smoky. It has 3 colors to choose from which are Gray, Brown, and Olive. 

Out of all their collections that I’ve tried, this is the lightest colored contact for dark eyes. Russian Smoky Collection has a Graphic Diameter of 13.3mm, which is bigger than the Russian Velvet Collection. They are all made of Puscon material, which is one of the safest materials for contact lenses. So you can be sure that these lenses are comfortable to wear and safe to use. 

TIPS: For the Gray color, it is best for smokey eye looks or glam makeup. For the Brown color, it is good for a no-makeup makeup look or date makeup look because of its light brown shade that is almost similar to hazel. For the Olive color, it is best for other simple makeup looks like monotone makeup or soft glam makeup.

For this collection, it is only available at dailies with 10pcs (5 pairs) for $21 (Php1000). Compared to other international contact lenses (like Solotica), Olens is way cheaper. If you want to buy this collection and test it out, Free standard shipping for purchases over $100 and Free express shipping for $150 spend via DHL to almost every country worldwide which usually takes 3-5 business days. Also, a Welcome Kit is available if you want to try FREE 3 other pairs of 1Day samples of which they have randomly selected. For other collections of Olens that have a monthly box, it has an offer of Buy 1 Get 1 Free. You can save up a lot of money with this deal. 

Final thoughts for this contact lens: I LOVE IT! It is comfortable, non-irritating, it lights up my eyes because of its light shade, and it is on dailies which is more hygienic. I can see myself buying this Collection again. 

Visit the Olens Global website at https://olensglobal.com/event/goods_event.php?event_ix=387, and start adding to cart now!