Celebrate Independence Day with these Filipino dishes from GrabFood



The Filipino cuisine has a variety of influences from the different countries and it seems very difficult to distinguish which among the dishes are authentic Filipino. Even the famous adobo is believed to have come from the Spanish adobar which means marinade. But no matter how the Filipino dishes have evolved, they always remind us of family gathering on Sundays with our grandparents, a hometown, or a well-loved heirloom recipe. 

This Independence Day, GrabFood salutes Filipino restaurant merchants who never fail to satisfy our craving for our favorite Filipino dishes.

Andok's has recently launched the Litson Baka and the Filipinos just can't wait to taste this latest offering. Famous for its lechon manok and inihaw na liempo, it looks like the Litson Baka will be sharing the spot with the other two. For only 352 Pesos, let your ever-reliable GrabFood rider bring you the new star of the dining table.

Filipinos are also known to have a signature breakfast food -- the silog. It's basically sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (sunny-side up egg). Throughout the week, it will be a rotation of tapsilog, longsilog, tocilog, hotsilog, or whatever you can come up to perfectly pair with silog. Sinangag Express brings you your ultimate breakfast favorites and to make it better, you can have it any time of the day. 

My mother-in-law loves Mary Grace ensaymada and the cheese rolls are always present during our family gatherings for "coffee after dinner" but I love their cakes especially the Chocolate Truffle Cake. Mary Grace is one of the restaurants included in the GrabFood Signatures where you can enjoy discounts on their deals of the day and vouchers.

Goodah is the first ever, all-native food chain in the country. When they opened three decades ago, their menu only includes traditional Filipino snacks like arroz caldo, dinuguan, and pares to mention a few. Later on, they started serving famous Filipino dishes such as crispy pata, kare-kare, bulalo, and sinigang. 

Always on my list of Filipino restaurants is Max's Restaurant. I can no longer count how many times I have ordered spring chicken and sizzling tofu on GrabFood. Truly sarap to bones! "The house that fried chicken built." has been around since 1945 and became a household name. 

On June 12, we will be celebrating the 123rd Philippine Independence Day. Let us celebrate with Grabfood by having your all-time favorite Filipino dishes delivered.