Kitchen pantry must-haves for healthy snacking



Have you noticed that your family has been snacking a lot since the lockdown? Working from home and online school made us stay longer hours at home. With the refrigerator and the kitchen pantry within arm's reach, we consume more food that we used to. This Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 mid-year sale is the best time to stock up your pantry with Del Monte products that are perfect for healthy snacking.

No need to wait for a birthday celebration to enjoy the Filipino-style "bida ng party" spaghetti with this Del Monte Sarap Savers Party Pack. Each Sarap Savers pack includes 1KG of Del Monte Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce and 900g of Del Monte Spaghetti Pasta Italiana, good for 20 servings!

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Potato chips or biscuit? Well, this Del Monte Potato Crisp Biscuits is made of potato flour giving you a whole new snacking experience. It's baked not fried which makes this a healthier choice. Having a mild, neutral flavor makes it easier to pair with dips or spread.

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Make chicken and vegetable skewers using the Del Monte Quick n Easy BBQ Marinade to encourage kids to eat veggies. Simply add carrots, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes in between chicken cubes and braise with the bbq marinade while grilling. Expertly made with the right blend of real spices and soy sauce, it takes out the guesswork in achieving the perfect BBQ taste. One 280ml bottle is good for up to 2kg of meat.

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A very simple snack to make is chilled fruit cups. For a different twist, how about a fruit halo-halo? Instead of the usual halo-halo ingredients, use the Limited Edition Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail with Langka in heavy syrup. You can also find new recipe ideas when you download the Del Monte Kitchenomics App available in Google Play Store and App Store!

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It's already June but still feels like summer. Make sure you are always hydrated and consuming healthy drinks. Del Monte Juice Drinks is a line of refreshing fruit juices that promises the goodness of real fruit in every sip, with each flavor containing 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirement. Every glass is a deliciously fun way to take 1 serving of fruit per day.

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Looking for the not so usual juice flavors? Tipco 100% Juice offers a rainbow of healthy options with different variants that are made with 100% real fruits and/or vegetables. Try the newest limited-edition  Tipco 100% Lychee Fruit Juice with Coconut Water in 1L Tetra. 

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Make sure you only buy from Del Monte official Shopee store to take advantage of the deals and discounts offered.