PayRemit makes online shopping for OFW possible


Our OFWs play a big role towards the growth of the Philippine economy. With the e-commerce becoming popular among consumers, the OFW segment was somehow left out. Since most OFWs do not have credit cards, it's a challenge to shop and pay online. Even unbanked Filipinos are able to pay cash on delivery, or at payment centers. OFWs did not have similar options. 

Enter PayRemit! 

In 2017, PayRemit’s payment gateway made it possible for migrant workers to shop online and pay with remittance. Among PayRemit’s most prominent partner merchants are Goldilocks and Cebu Pacific. A year later, in 2018, PayRemit expanded its services and piloted a shopping site on Facebook for appliances and gadgets that OFWs could send to their families back home. Today, the PayRemit App is a well-stocked, curated marketplace that can deliver items to OFWs across Luzon and select Vis/Min areas. 

“We had to respond to OFWs’ needs. They wanted an online platform for appliances and gadgets. So we built one. ,” says Vincent Grey, PayRemit President & CEO 

Payremit continued to listen to the market and made it possible for OFWs to pay in installment starting 2019. Filipinos in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia can enjoy the same benefits as credit cards when shopping on the PayRemit App. 

PayRemit goes the extra mile by making it easy for OFWs to buy using concierge services. Customers can message PayRemit on FB and someone will help them throughout the entire process. In addition, PayRemit has sales agents--fellow OFWs and satisfied PayRemit customers--who can help their kabayans shop. 

Aside from the personal touch, what really sets PayRemit apart is the capability to collect cash payments from OFWs. No other e-commerce site can do this. In terms of fulfillment, PayRemit taps local suppliers such as Abenson, Royal Star Appliances and K Servico who are able to deliver items at lower cost. 

“When we finally got the business model right, it became clear that we were making a huge difference in the lives of our customers, sales agents, and their families. The photos they share with us are testament to this.” adds Vincent. 

True to its purpose--to empower the lives of Filipino migrant workers and their families--PayRemit will launch more products and services before the year is over.