PLDT’s digital literacy program instills lifelong learning



PLDT’s digital literacy program Infoteach concludes its latest rollout, inspiring students and teachers to practice lifelong learning, as COVID-19 mobility restrictions redefine education. 

Over 19,800 learners nationwide participated in the 10 sessions of PLDT’s Infoteach Outreach Webinar Series, enabling learners and educators to carry on at home gaining new knowledge from experts. 

Presented in partnership with the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU), PLDT’s digital literacy program top-billed Lifelong Learning for its final session, attended mostly by Grade 7-12 students from public schools. 

Highlighting the value of learning even after completing formal education, Dr. Rustica R. Lorenzo of the Department of Education Schools Division of Valenzuela City advised that education doesn’t stop after college, because it is a lifelong process. 

“We need to pursue knowledge voluntarily,” she said. “We need to go beyond career advancement. Lifelong learning will help you understand how the world works. It can help you realize your passions and boost creativity. Never cease to study and learn.” 

As for UPOU Chancellor Dr. Melinda dela Peña Bandalaria, she advised cultivating a positive attitude towards learning. “Something has to change in our attitude towards learning and how we can look at learning,” she said. “Hindi yan parusa sa atin (learning is not a kind of punishment). This is not something that we are doing because we are obeying our parents. Lifelong learners are motivated, hindi tayo itinutulak, hindi tayo pinipilit (We are not pushed, we are not forced). We are motivated to learn and develop because we want to do it. It is a deliberate and voluntary act.” 

Among the benefits Bandalaria cited include renewing self-motivation – figuring out what inspires, recognition of personal interests and goals, and re-igniting what makes one tick. 

As talks of Industrial Revolution 5.0 surface, cooperation between humans and machine is key to thriving, she added. “These changes in the kind of work environment will really require us to continue learning. If we want to continuously be relevant in the job market, then we have to learn continuously.” 

The Infoteach Outreach training is the flagship program of PLDT’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. It provides beneficial digital literacy training to our country’s students and teachers. 

“We, together with our UPOU partners, are happy to conduct these webinars,” said Katherine Diaz De Rivera, PLDT Community Relations Head. “The courses were designed to offer more learning opportunities for students, despite pandemic conditions, encouraging them to engage in lifelong learning.” 

Aside from Lifelong Learning, PLDT’s Infoteach Outreach Phase 6 rollout training in May also took up the following topics, namely: Digital Productivity Tools; Online Collaboration Tools; 21st Century Competencies; Effective Communication Skills; Digital Literacy; Responsible Use of Social Media; Global Digital Citizenship; Cyber Security; and Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals. 

Infoteach is part of the broader, long-term program of the PLDT group to support the country's education sector. It also underscores the company's commitment to help the Philippines attain the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), particularly SDG #4: Quality Education as a foundation in improving people’s lives and obtaining sustainable development.