Internationally renowned R&B trio brb. drops highly anticipated EP, fleur and lead single ‘saint’

Hot off the heels of their debut EP, ‘relationshit’, internationally renowned R&B trio, brb. has finally released their sophomore EP, ‘fleur.’ 

Propelled by modern, soulful production and catchy beats, the four-track EP, ’fleur’, represents a solid transition for the group. It’s an upbeat affair with crossover tendencies, and made more compelling by the trio’s more refined vocal chops. The lead track ‘saint’ embodies where their music is headed next, while also marking a number of firsts; with all members lending their vocals to the track. 

According to Clo, ‘saint is a metaphorical representation of the unexplainable attraction that blurs the lines between love and manipulation’. Dark and sultry, the brassy beats and guitar riffs draw you into a swelling chorus that will surely leave you dancing in your seat. 

Other tracks in the EP include ‘juice,’ ‘honeymoon,’ and ‘move.’ brb. is also set to premiere a live performance e video of ‘saint’ on Youtube, 02 June at 9pm SGT. 

But the group isn’t done for 2021 just yet, the EP also marks the beginning of a slew of collaborations with artists from all over Asia. Fans can look forward to more tracks with artists from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and more. 

About The Artist 

Comprising of Zie, Clo and Marc, brb. creates music that amalgamates the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s with the sounds of today. Since their debut in late 2018, they have garnered listeners from across Asia with their iconic songs, “Cool With It” and “Talking To Myself”. Heavily inspired by their personal stories and emotions, each song is a sonic representation of a moment, a feeling, a state of mind.