How to accessorize to complement your outfit with these jewelry deals on Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale



Do you sometimes find it difficult to mix and match your jewelry with your outfit? It can really get tricky especially when you are not sure which pieces go well with your existing wardrobe. The basic pieces you can have are the earrings, a ring, and a necklace. The classic design is the safest because they are timeless and will work with any style of clothes.

If you feel like being stylish, this Silver Kingdom Dangling Earrings is a great way to make a fashion statement. Even if you are just wearing a plain shirt, the focus will be directed on your earrings and will make your simple outfit look special. 

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A necklace is a perfect statement jewelry piece and the pendant is the focal point. Choose a necklace that matches to your neckline. A long necklace is for clothes that have crew neck or high neckline while a short necklace is best with V-neck clothes and the length must be above the V-line. The size of the pendant also matters. This  Lucky Silver Necklace with Snowflake Pendant will look good on V-neck clothes. 

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Some like sterling silver while some like it gold. It's okay to experiment as long as it suits your style. When choosing between silver or gold, you can try on both and pick the one that makes you feel more awesome. Honestly, any will do! You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with to vary the look just by switching from silver to gold. This Crown Jewelry 18K Gold-Plated Necklace is as fabulous as the silver. 

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